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As most of you know I wore jeans for several years after I retired and then slowly, over time, gathered together a sense of style that wasn’t work orientated (mainly suits) nor w/e relaxation and leisure (a variety of jeans).

When I’m out and about I see a lot of older women wearing pants/trousers and jeans.  And I think that was me, but not any more.  But you know also that I truly believe, ‘wear what you damn well, please’. Don’t what ever you do listen to others saying, you must wear this, you must wear that, or worse, you can’t wear that at your age!

I think a turning point for me, though, was when I went to a wedding wearing a skirt and someone said, ‘I’ve never seen your legs, Penny!  Why don’t you show them off more?’  And why didn’t I? So off I went and for several years hunted for my kind of style.

But what’s your style? Because also don’t think for one moment I want you to be all one homogenous older woman – there are many ways of being and many ways of wearing clothes. So what are your interests?  Because these will influence your ‘look’. Are you:

  • Sporty                                          then trousers/pants & tops are great!
  • Country casual                                  Ditto
  • Comfortable in jeans                  get out those jeans with a variety of tops
  • Urban formal city type               wear that skirt or trouser suit
  • Glamorous and fabulous            get full-on skirts & fab frocks
  • Ageing rocker                              it has to be leather jeans & leather jackets!
  • Old, bold and edgy                     anything goes

Me, I love the city so my style is built around skirts. And currently, I sometimes team a skirt up with my gym leggings, like here.

That’s a new skirt at £3.99 plus my old charity shop jacket worn with my running shoes.

And that’s what I hunt for, skirts, plus, if possible, the right tops and jackets to go with them. I definitely don’t aways get it right, hence my feeling that if the outfit cost under £10 then a mistake doesn’t matter as much as if it cost just under £100. Here are a few more examples of good buys and one that I don’t think was quite right.


I love this skirt, and actually it’s a new one bought in M&S in Gibraltar! I’ve worn it a lot since, so this is a winner. Note that I’m a plain Jane, and while I do wear a variety of colours, I like a plain canvas. A flowery outfit would not be me – but flowers might suit you, we’re all different and we should embrace that.

This is my favourite winter skirt.

It’s worn with a bright jumper bought new in Urban Outfitters, which is my fave go-to shop if I want to buy somethign new.

Now I’m thinking I might wear this skirt for my trip up to town to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition that opens soon. It’s a real one-off skirt which floats around your legs as you walk.

But not with those boots!  You see, I’m absolutely not one of those people who get it right for myself let alone advising others!!!

On the other hand I did love this combo.


That’s an Alexander McQueen outfit – hmm, if ever….  But I was inspired by the McQueen to get this bonkers skirt, which I thought with my jacket was a near copy of the outfit – what do you think?

I’ve worn it once, and I’m just waiting for the right occasion to wear it again.

Here’s another favourite skirt just waiting in my wardrobe to be worn. Sorry about the boots! It was £5 from a charity shop, but the material is a thick and rich, shiny satin, which is extraordinary as the label is Florence & Fred, which tells you that it’s originally from the supermarket Tesco!

Here with different shoes!

And this skirt above gets lots of outings in Brighton.

But this one below I’m not sure about.

I think it’s too dark for the summer yet it’s made from quite a thin cotton, so it’s too cold to wear in the winter. It’s on ‘probation’ (a de-clutterer friend said this is how she treats her clothes and advises her clients to try to do the same) so if it’s not worn this summer it’s going into the charity shop bag.

And finally, when it was a cool day I got out another favourite charity shop skirt and teamed it with this cardi.

Apologies for the lighting which isn’t quite right, but that is a great colour combo, I think! That’s all for now but do tell if you favour skirts or prefer to wear jeans.

With love, Penny, the Frugalfashionshopper

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43 thoughts on “What’s your style?

  • 2nd June 2018 at 9:13 am

    I LOVE skirts, and all your above looks except the pink trainers in the first pic, they jar a bit, I think.
    In Greece where I live I’m amazed at how many women persist in wearing tight black trousers or leggings, or jeans when it’s in the 90s.Insane ! I’m out of jeans after May. My preference is for dresses when it’s really hot, it’s nice to waft around, there’s no restricting waistband. But I do wear skirts a lot as well and it’s nice to see someone else who is a fan ! ( Actually I don’t think many older women look that good in jeans , and I think they have made us lazy. Sling on a pair with a top and you’re done. ) What do you think, Penny ?

    • 4th June 2018 at 7:24 am

      I prefer skirts and in hot weather dark tight trousers must be so hot! In Greece, phew! The pink trainers, btw, are part of the Brighton gear I wear to the gym. Quite a few people have that kind of look so I’m just blending in there. But always a skirt over the leggings 🙂

  • 2nd June 2018 at 9:16 am

    I should add that the black trouser etc wearers are the local women, not the tourists.

  • 2nd June 2018 at 10:17 am

    To add a further footnote, because I didn’t answer the question ” what’s your style “, I would say mine is a mix of ( hopefully !) elegant, classic, with a bit of boho, and bit of edgy, chic, sometimes casual, a bit hippy, but I hope never scruffy or worse, boring. Whatever I feel like being when I get up every day. At our age we should feel free to not follow the rules. If we like what we see in the mirror we’re ok.Now I should let someone else get a word in !

    • 4th June 2018 at 7:25 am

      That sounds a great style!

  • 2nd June 2018 at 11:12 am

    Hi Penny,you shouldn’t worry about your black skirt,it is lovely & would go nice with eithe Sandels ,or boots,but that,s just my opinion.

    • 4th June 2018 at 7:26 am

      Yes, that dark skirt might be worn like that – thanks so much!

  • 2nd June 2018 at 11:14 am

    That,s grand,&Penny happy shopping.

  • 2nd June 2018 at 3:59 pm

    For years, until I gave up full time work and became a student I never wore trousers or leggings, only ever skirts. Then I started wearing leggings with long tunics (usually jersey) and that’s pretty much what I wear all the time now. For dressing up a bit more I like ‘evening’ type fancy fabrics like lace and velvet with boots. I love cruise dressing up too, but that doesn’t happen very often!

    • 4th June 2018 at 7:30 am

      Ah cruising, we think along the same lines there, Eloise! I will have to go cruising again at some point to wear my lovely dresses, but we’re not going next year, hmm. So that means they’ll be in the back of my wardrobe for some time before they’re worn again. I’ll get back to you when I start looking to book the 2020 cruise!!!!

  • 2nd June 2018 at 4:35 pm

    Someone once described my style as Eurochic which I like the sound of but not sure what it means. I hope it means individual, style not fashion, classic with a bit of a twist. I’ve long since given up following fashion and stick to styles and colours that make me feel and (hopefully) look good – to the point where I rarely buy clothes and am happily wearing good quality querky style jackets that I’ve had for donkey’s years and they dress up or down with jeans and white or black skinnies or skirts and dresses. I look after my clothes, treat them like old friends and they’ve paid me back hundreds of times over.

    • 4th June 2018 at 7:33 am

      What a good philosophy to follow, Pamela. I too love my jackets and look after the clothes that serve me well. I also love that you’ve been described as Eurochic – bet you look good!

  • 2nd June 2018 at 4:49 pm

    The skirt you are considering for the Frida Kahlo exhibition looks gorgeous on you. I am not usually a big fan of floaty, tulle type skirts but this really suits you. Also really like the blue dog-tooth patterned skirt. Lise

    • 4th June 2018 at 7:34 am

      Thanks so much – you’ve bolstered my confidence and I will wear the tulle skirt – thanks again!

  • 2nd June 2018 at 4:51 pm

    I liked all your skirts, Penny. I liked the one you weren’t sure about but it seems very voluminous as if it’s slightly too big for you. That may just be because you had fitted top over it. I find it hard to resist stripes so I can see why you fell for this skirt. My favourite skirt of yours was your Alexander McQueen inspired and also loved the cranberry skirt from F&F. You look very good in a pencil skirt, too!

    I do wear skirts but my favourite skirt to wear is a maxi. I wear skirts less often than any other garment as they often accentuate my middle section flab!

    Not sure about my style as I wear every garment there is, but I am fond of a tunic over trousers; often with a third item such as a jacket or cardigan and then lots of jewellery as accessories. I don’t know how to describe that.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Frida Kahlo exhibition. I would definitely want to see that.

    • 4th June 2018 at 7:42 am

      I’ve just this minute looked at the striped skirt and it’s a size 12! Thing is the cut allows for a voluminous flare out from the waist – there’s almost too much material. Will try it with t-shirt tucked in next time. However, if memory serves me right I think the material makes me look almost fat. Now why hasn’t it gone straight into the charity shop bag? It was bought new, that’s why, OK in a sale, so it was a bargain, and from Toast, as well, but I shouldn’t have bought it – the cut is just wrong.

      I love your style – and you are the greatest re: accessorising your outfits, truly you are!!!

  • 2nd June 2018 at 6:08 pm

    In the Los Angeles suburbs, I am a casual jeans gal w/crisp, sharp accents, not sloppy. I recently brought out my 20+ yr. old Gap denim overalls and love wearing with my new white Taos sneakers. Also, brought out same-age, dressier black linen overalls. So comfortable and fun! Last night, went to see the Avengers movie, wore white jeans, white sneakers, navy/white gingham button-up. Fun!
    Charlene H./Gap Granny

    • 4th June 2018 at 7:47 am

      Wow! Yes, that neat jeans with white t-shirt and white sneakers sounds so good. Thing is over here it can look just sloppy dressing. But I have tried it and it’s a great look. Do you know, I’ve been looking for an all-in-one (now called a onesie – eek) but not yet found the right style yet. Great you still had the two items in your closet.

  • 2nd June 2018 at 6:14 pm

    p/s I love your style, not for the pieces you select (though I do like!), but for the bravado you exhibit. Comfortable in your skin. Declaring who you are. Why did it take me so long to be able to declare the same? 🙂 Ahhhh…the advantages of aging!
    I enjoy your full-life posts!
    Charlene H

    • 4th June 2018 at 8:07 am

      Thank you so much. Yes, this blog is about analysing my ageing, and I am comfortable, most of the time, but I’m not full of confidence, but on the other hand, I do face my ageing full-on. Thanks so much for your take on this 🙂

  • 2nd June 2018 at 7:23 pm

    Penny I always love, love, love, your blogs. Your fashions are not for the most mine but I love how individual you are and yes I do now have in my wardrobe a couple of charity shop buys (and well used they are)! I am a ‘classic’ girl but I have lost faith in some other blogs – much as I love Trisha she seems a bit remote from me now – make up bags at the Oscars; watching H&M wedding in a bar whilst on retreat in Spain – I don’t think the majority of us move in those circles. But I will be enjoying the ‘Speed and Style’ at the V&A this coming week and supper after with my younger son for my 68th. Avid reader!

    • 4th June 2018 at 8:11 am

      Hi Pat and thanks so much for your comment. And so glad you’ve ventured into getting a couple of charity shop outfits. I do make the occasional mistake but there are the most amazing, high quality bargains out there and it’s great to find them. And yes, isn’t the V&A great!

  • 2nd June 2018 at 8:17 pm

    But your first one is a floral one! I love tulle and other,, dramatic,, skirts on you!

    • 3rd June 2018 at 8:56 am

      Oh wow, yes, Nancy, you’re right!!! But I would never wear a flowered top and that skirt is quite unusual choice. So yes! There’s one flowered skirt there!

  • 3rd June 2018 at 3:02 am

    Every time I see you in your tulle skirt, I want one. It might be one of those things I just need to figure out how to make, because I’ve never seen one that looks as great as that one. I like the dropped skirt. All the others just have to much gathers at the waist for me.

    As far as style, I think I play a lot and have fun being a Chameleon.

    • 3rd June 2018 at 9:09 am

      I think you’ve got great style, Terri, you always look good and you try stuff out – respect!

      Your comment and others have made me think I definitely will wear the tulle skirt for the Frida exhibition – thanks so much 🙂

  • 3rd June 2018 at 6:55 am

    I love your style Penny and you are enviably experimental. I love how you try boots and different footwear with your skirts. I bought a pair of those Converse trainers (the higher ones) and they were a complete disaster! So I am not very experimental in that regard. That satiny Tesco skirt is such a rich lustrous colour – can’t wait to see what you wear it with. And the tulle skirt will be fantastic for Frida!

    My own style is a bit cramped — I like to wear skirts and dresses, but at my workplace everyone is very casual so I wear mainly trousers and jeans. It’s becoming harder to get Mr Mutton to dress up and go somewhere glamorous.

    • 3rd June 2018 at 9:07 am

      I know what you mean about getting our other halves to take us out somewhere glamorous – which is why I tread the cruise route!!! Sigh. But we won’t be going on a cruise next year, I think, as we’re going to try and be a bit different.

      I love you in your dresses though (that yellow one is just superb) and I love the one that you’ve just posted on your blog. You look fab in it! Really suits you 🙂

  • 3rd June 2018 at 1:34 pm

    I like all of the skirts Penny, I just think the dark one would look better with a shorter top. My style is changing at the moment, the last few years of my working life I wore leggings, boots and tunics or fitted jersey dresses which I bought mostly from the M&S Autograph Weekend range, I loved that look and they did a great range, not any longer sadly, I think they need new buyers they have terrible fabrics and miserable colours, I want cheerful!!!
    I’ve recently got very bored with that look and have after many years started wearing jeans again – I’m loving this look! I wear bright tops, always striking jewellery, and have a few smart and comfortable jackets. I’m not very good with skirts, I think I’m too small and feel swamped, probably would be better with shorter skirts but those days are gone I’m afraid.
    I always enjoy your blog and also find the comments interesting, it’s good to see and hear what real people our age are wearing.
    Best wishes

    • 4th June 2018 at 8:19 am

      You sound as though you’ve got your style just right – jeans with good accessories and great jackets can be very chic!

      As for M&S it’s such a muddle. It has the Per Una range – fine but a bit pricey, then there’s the very dull and ordinary, and now, if you’ve been in recently you might notice that they have very cheap jeans. It’s as though they cannot make up their minds who they’re catering for. And they’re suffering as a result.

      Thanks so much for your feedback – really appreciate it x

  • 3rd June 2018 at 2:16 pm

    What a great question! So, what is my style? I don’t think I fit into just one of the style categories you suggest but possibly combine some of them, depending on my mood and the occasion. I do love a bit of rock chick or even ‘aging hippy!’ Equally, I like to wear pencil skirts and fitted shift dresses but with quirky additions. My friends say my USP (!) is my many silver bracelets and scarves. My favourite outfit, in the photos, is the tuile skirt – fabulous! I was just wondering if you have any ‘style icons’, Penny? It would be interesting to know, if you do!

    • 4th June 2018 at 8:25 am

      Thanks June, you’re another one who’s commented on the tulle skirt and that’s given me the confidence to wear it up to the V&A for the Frida because I have bottled out of wearing it to London before.

      Yes, rock chic – I like! Hmm, and style icons? Honestly not sure. That McQeen outfit is for me a great style guide, but in the complete opposite direction, I also love Alyson Walsh’s look. You probably know her blog https://thatsnotmyage.com I often think oh that’s nice, but know I’ll never quite get her casual chic look. That was a great question!!!

  • 3rd June 2018 at 6:11 pm

    I really love you in the tulle skirt, it is really striking, and I adore the colour!
    I wear jeans a lot in the winter, it’s too cold for skirts in Canada, I buy them in the supermarket, they fir really well, are super cheap, and I just get new ones each season, my big splurge is always a good shoe, and I buy all my shoes from Moda in Pelle, and have them shipped to Canada. My tops are charity shop finds or TJ Max, which I believe you have in England, so usually cashmere long sweaters, and always pearls, with everything. In summer, I were longer loose linen dresses to combat the heat, having read the previous comments, Charlene talked about overalls, which I used to love wearing, so think I will pop out and buy some when I get back to Canada, love them with a white t-shirt, rolled up legs and my new gold trainers.
    Love your blog and your style Penny, so inspiring.

    • 4th June 2018 at 8:32 am

      Geri thanks so much, I do appreciate your feedback. Your style sounds great and very thought through. When I was saying I see a lot of women wearing trousers/pants/jeans I should have explained more fully that there is a very dressed-down look sometimes that goes with these items that’s almost scruffy – that’s the jeans/pants look I don’t like.

      And gold trainers? Wow! That’s what I might just go off and look for!!!

  • 3rd June 2018 at 10:50 pm

    I am a different style on different days!
    I like jeans and trousers because I live in a rural area. I also like leggings and tunics.
    I go dancing most Friday nights and usually wear skirts or dresses then.
    I love jackets and have a nice variety of them from a beautiful orange boxy Viyella jacket in boiled wool to a leather fitted jacket or an edge to edge quilted patterned Monsoon jacket. I like to mix it up. What I don’t like to wear is a skirt that is too short.
    My passion is for coloured shoes. I have blue, green, yellow, red, burgundy, pink, tan, black, white and even patterned canvas shoes and pink sequinned shoes. A girl can’t have too many shoe Size!
    My mum always said that tight shoes put lines on your face. No think she was right and I always go for comfort!!!!!!!
    Love your blog. X

    • 4th June 2018 at 8:34 am

      Hi Sandra – that all sounds amazing and really together. Love boiled wool in jackets. And thanks so much it was great to read your comment!

  • 4th June 2018 at 1:16 am

    Hi, Penny

    I really enjoyed this post that you have shared with us! I love your black t-shirt with the tulle skirt, and your bonkers skirt – wow! I have been trying not to get hooked on collecting beautiful skirts because I am retired and working at home on my blog. So I don’t get to wear them much. I have to keep in mind now that everything I buy has to be able to be worn around the house. Soft Surroundings has gorgeous skirts if you can get them from their outlet.

    Thanks again,

    • 4th June 2018 at 8:45 am

      Thank you so much for your comment and really great to meet you and read your blog I have two blogs – this one and another which is for more serious challenging reads (e.g. Brexit) icon on the side-bar.

      Thing is when I retired I didn’t wear anything other than jeans because – I was retired. It took me a couple of years to think – hang on, is that all you’re going to wear!!!!!

      I’m aiming to wear that tulle skirt to London very soon!

  • 4th June 2018 at 5:41 am

    Love you in the tulle skirt and oh my gosh! The Alexander Mcqueen outfit? I have 100% envy here. Gorgeous.

    • 4th June 2018 at 8:26 am

      Oh, that McQueen outfit – total love. And no price on anything in the window, because if you have to ask, you can’t……..

  • 4th June 2018 at 3:26 pm

    I never wear jeans, I don’t find them at all comfortable nor flattering (on me I mean). I love a good skirt, easy to dress up or down. I opt for leggings under skirts and dresses, it is a look I love. The black skirt with gorgeous overskirt is amazing! Frida would approve of that or the green, both are fab. I am going to wait a bit before I go see the exhibition, it should be good. Like you I love the V and A. My favourite museum is the British Museum.

  • 11th June 2018 at 9:54 am

    Another interesting post, many thanks. My style is quite smart and formal but I’m nor that fond of big cities! I like fitted dresses best of all as I think they are most flattering to a petite with a balanced figure. Mostly I go for prints then pick up a colour for a cardi as I’m usually cold. I like straight skirts in the winter, with thick tights, but they must cover my fat knees! Scarves and jewellery are very important for me. Shoes are always a problem as to me comfort and style don’t really go together. I really do not like trainers and only wear with them trousers when I’m shopping or sightseeing.
    Thinking of wearing more solid colour for autumn/winter this year.

    Sometimes I think I’m waging a one-woman crusade against casual dreariness in clothing and the ubiquitous jeans! They really don’t suit people who are not slim or fairly tall and I particularly dislike leggings on all but they young who can and should get away with almost anything. Rant over!

  • 26th June 2018 at 9:16 pm

    Penny, you have a wonderful sense of style. I feel our style evolves and changes over time, but I find creating an ensemble to be so fun. All of your finds and inspiring and of course I love your hats. Thank you for participating in Hat Attack!

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