I’ve written about de-cluttering before but since I’ve got back from my holiday I’ve gone through my wardrobe, like a dose of salts, as the saying goes, and thrown out loads of my clothes. There’s something about returning from a vacation and seeing your home, garden and wardrobe in a new light.

And I certainly did, saying to myself ‘good grief, the dust in the house’. To be quite honest I spend more time in the garden than the house, particularly now, with this lovely weather in the UK. Then there was the lushness of the garden – that was a good feeling. And a day or two later I turned a critical eye to my wardrobe, and, it was, ‘now why do I keep that in my cupboard?’

red top flowered skrtWe know that clothes have a far deeper meaning than just being a covering for our bodies but that is no reason for keeping clothes, I tell myself, that are hardly ever worn or kept – just in case.

I mean my cruise frocks, especially the three full-length ones, will go into the back of my wardrobe and stay there until the next cruise, which might be in two or three years time or even longer. But those frocks have a role to play in my life and I know why they’re there. It’s the others that I’ve bought because I thought I would wear them, but haven’t, or old favourites that haven’t seen the light of day for, well to be honest, several years.

Dress-&-Top-webYou would be proud of me – I took a very large sack of those two types to the charity shops yesterday. And don’t forget I haven’t wasted a lot of money – they’re mostly charity shop clothes being recycled for others to wear and love.

OK, so after throwing out the old I have three skirts to show you.  I’ve been wearing the one above a lot lately as it’s full-skirted and floaty, which is great in this unusually warm weather we’re having in the UK.

grey-dress-&-top-webThen there are two pencil skirts I’ve bought for the Autumn &/or cooler days. The one on the right cost just under £10 for both the skirt and the jacket. This one on the left is in a jersey material, is unworn, comes with an Italian label and has a matching top plus a jacket, all for just £12.99

That’s all for now, although I would just like to say a very big thank you to all my readers as in one year, this month, I’ve passed 7000 hits. Many thanks for spending time with me. And to those of you who come on to the blog and comment I value your views and appreciate all that you have to say hugely.

But what do you think about the whole business of hanging on to clothes – just in case?

With love,

Penny, The Frugal fashion Shopper


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