A short blog this week.  Here below is a colourful skirt acquired at the beginning of the week. I’d put away my summer skirts and bless my soul, the weather was relatively hot again, so couldn’t resist this bargain buy at £4.99.  The linen top, incidentally, was £3.50 and has a Farhi label, I wonder what it cost originally?

red top flowered skrt

By the way, I know you should never apologise for anything but, apologies for the same-old type of photo at the bottom of the blog.  The move got in the way, somewhat, of my learning curve.  I’m aiming to have different types of media on the blog and I also have ambitions to do street photography of  women (and men) wearing great outfits.

Also I read a comment recently on the importance of buying fewer but better quality clothes.  Yes, I know, one should.   But if finances are tight, you might end up having very few clothes in your wardrobe indeed.  And – it’s such fun searching for that bargain buy!

Next blog – coats!

That’s all for this week.

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

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