I’ve had a couple of days away this week and the sun has shone for several hours and the skies were blue, and it was just such a pleasure to have some light and brightness in the sky.  The British countryside has a muted palette for most of the year with tints of grey predominating in the winter.  But the storms seem to have abated, and with the daffodils coming up in the garden, Spring seems to be just round the corner.

For me, the colour of Spring is green and it’s a colour I love.  To celebrate the Spring I’ve turned my blog back to the blue/green colour background (which attracted me to the template in the first place).

And there’s a lot of green in my wardrobe, which is why it’s the colour I look for when I hunt through the rails and racks in the many charity shops I visit.  I really try hard not to buy random clothes, instead, I build on what I have in my wardrobe.

For me, the colour green feels bright and cheerful and I wear it through the year.  It all started with a green parka, which was bought in the Brighton, Oxfam for £5.00 at least three years ago. In fact, in the winter I wear it all the time.  With it I often wear a lovely woolly green beret, which isn’t a charity shop find, and at £25.00 is perhaps the most expensive item in my wardrobe apart, that is, from my winter boots, which were a very reasonable £67.00 from a great shoe shop in Lewes. As I’ve said before, charity shop shoes and boots are hard to find.

P1010053Here’s a pic of me in Bergen, Norway wearing all three items.

Since buying the parka I’ve added to this green theme a lot.  I have a great pair of skinny green trousers that cost all of £3.00 and then a boiled wool jacket and scarf bought together in the same charity shop that cost just under £10.00. For the summer I have several greenish skirts; one bought quite recently from Seaford for £8.99 was quite an expensive buy, another one came from Worthing and cost only £3.99 and quite recently I found a sparkly green Per Una skirt that cost just £4.99.

All these clothes have been bought over two to three years and have leapt out at me as I trawl through the many multi-coloured dresses and skirts that so many charity shops stock.

I do wear darker colours and I have my fair share of black and grey clothes; grey does suit the paler skin of the older woman.  Have you been watching House of Cards (from Netflix)?  The colour grey features in Claire Underwood’s wardrobe a lot and I love her understated style.  A few days ago I guest blogged on Stylish Ole Woman (she features on my side bar of blogs I love) and wrote about this – do have a look!

But I guess my message is that in our climate where there are as many grey days as there are sunny, why not move away from those dark colour trousers and the black fleece or the navy cagoule.  They’re all useful; but why not bring colour into your life during these grey wintery days, and do that by buying something in a charity shop that will lift your spirits at very little cost.

That’s all for now

With love, Penny

The Frugal Fashion Shopper

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