Growing up with red(ish) hair my mother would say – ‘never wear pink, dear, not with your colouring’, ‘don’t whatever you do wear red’ and ‘blue is the colour that will suit you, dearest’.  I wore that colour most of my childhood. But as I grew older and my hair darkened to auburn I inclined more and more to the rich hues of Autumn: brown, peat, orange even, and especially the metallic tints of gold, and much of my wardrobe was built around those lovely colours.

blousebackview-webI still wear blue, though, on the odd occasion, and have a striking blouse that I call my ‘cruise blouse’ as it stays in the wardrobe and comes out only for high days and holidays.

But everything changes. Now with my hair a mish-mash of grey and darker colours dyed a light blonde that bleaches a bit in the sun, I have become a lover of the silver side of the colour spectrum.

Just as well, as it seems that silver is quite the business these days. Not only Jess Cartner-Morley thinks it’s on trend, it’s a colour Claire Underwood (House of Cards) would wear with flair and it features often in the fashion media – see Red for the editor’s choice and some lovely metallic bags.

2014-05-28-47-webI wore two metallic silvery dresses on the cruise.  One, was a new M&S Per Una dress bought for £20.00 in a charity shop in a town nearby and another, here on the right, bought at less than half that price. Note the bag. There’s no need to pay a high price for an evening bag. I picked that up in Helsinki for 1 Euro in one of their annual ‘Throw-out days” where everyone goes through their wardrobe, chucks out their unwanted clothes and gathers in the park for a buzzy, band-playing, jumble/car-boot sale. And the wrap? That came from a state run souvenir shop in St. Petersburg, which was quite an experience, with vodka on offer at the door and furs and Russian dolls galore.  I saw that silver scarf and was smitten.  The shoes, btw, are a perfect fit!

If I have any message it is wear the colours that suit you (and don’t listen to anyone including me!) but also be prepared to adapt and change what you wear as you age.  Silver was not something I would have worn when I was younger but now, yes, it is a colour I love.

That’s all for now

With love

Penny, The Frugal Fashion Shopper


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