We’re having a lovely summer here in the UK. There’s a bit more cloud expected over the next few days but we’ve been having a lot of blue skies and sunny warm weather.   But I do find summer clothes a bit of a trial.

And why is that? Well, my legs look wonderful in thick black tights. I’m definitely a winter person, although, funnily enough I feel the cold a lot.  Even on a summer’s day I can sit in the garden under a clear blue sky and get freezing cold just in a baggy pair of jeans and bare feet. Yes, I love my winter clothes and all that wool against my skin. And it’s exposing these legs to the summer sun that I find so hard because, without their wintery covering, the legs seem spindlier rather than slim, and their colour is best described as a kind of a mixture of very white skin with splodges of navy veins plus an overlay of those fine purple spidery marks around the knees.

I don’t like that look at all. And I don’t tan well either, with my Scottish skin, and don’t want to, now that my skin has those bits that need burning off every other year or so in the Skin Clinic. Yes, do get your skin checked out, because there are consequences as we age from the sunbathing we did in our youth.

What to do? Perhaps the veins need ‘doing’ as the saying goes. In the meantime, I like showing off my painted toenails so unless it’s very hot I wear leggings that cover up most of my legs but leave the toes open to the elements.

And then there’s fake tanning. A spray tan at a beautician’s might be the answer for you, but I find it expensive, so I buy fake tanning lotion over the counter and do it myself. But gosh, although they have improved these a little, what is it about that smell…

black-and-flowered-dress-webI realise I’m hyper aware of the colour of my legs and maybe people don’t notice them as much as I think they do. And there are some lovely dresses in the charity shops to wear while we have this warm weather.

Here’s one that I hesitated over a little. Did I want a black, purple and yellow dress that was £6.99 with a Monsoon label? Well, yes, I did 😉 And I’m so glad I bought it because it has that citrus yellow in it that goes with my sun-bleached hair and a hand-knitted woolly cardigan bought from a friend.

cruise-yellow-topHere’s the cardigan on the right, as worn on the cruise, with a teal coloured satin skirt, with a voile overlay bought for just under £5.00. Not a bad combo!

That’s all for now

With love

Penny, The Frugal Fashion shopper



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