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It’s almost mid-May and up to a few days ago I was still wearing socks and long-sleeved winter woolies and sleeping under a winter duvet.  Last week we had frosts in the morning – it’s been so unseasonably cold here in the UK. And yet it’ll be June next month which is when the nights start to draw in. But amazing news! Over the last few days our weather has changed and taken a step towards summer temperatures. Just maybe it’s time to take down the rest of my summer clothes from the top of my wardrobe and put away the last of my winter clothes.

Anyway, as I am a keen wearer of skirts I popped in to my local charity shop and pounced on this skirt.

It’s a Cos skirt and I got it for just £7 – a bargain I’d say.

The beads are also recently charity shopped – I do love that colour! Tee and sandals are very old, but how good it is to go bare footed!

As you know I love skirts and this one is a keeper.  And hey it has pockets!

Well, how are things with all of you?  In the UK we are nearing the time (next Monday) when we will be able to mix inside with our family and friends. I have to say I still have a certain hesitancy about this relaxation of the lockdown, and won’t be rushing off to the pub, or to restaurants, or, sadly, the cinema. After all, I am in the age group that is the most vulnerable to this ghastly virus and we’ve spent a whole year avoiding it through avoiding people and places – it is hard to adjust.

In her most recent blog Tricia Cusden of Look Fabulous Forever wrote a wonderful piece on her anxiety and how she felt about getting back to normal behaviour.  I so relate to what she wrote. We’ve been conditioned to not mix and meet people, and not do things or go anywhere for months and months, and now we can… oh, yes, ummm, how do we do that?  I do feel a bit of an idiot, being so cautious. But actually it is rational to be wary as this pandemic is not over yet, and personally I shall continue wearing a mask when going into shops and public transport for quite some time.

Anyway, I too have given myself a good talking to, but on the plus side I can tell you I have met up with my two children in their respective gardens a lot, and seen my two grandchildren Oscar (aged 6 months) and Jesse (aged 15) and it’s just heaven to do this.

So tell me how are you all getting on?

With love, Penny, the Frugalfashionshopper

P.S. Today (Thursday 13 May) it is grey and raining in Brighton, and there’s a lot of rain elsewhere around the UK, but it’s still warmer than it has been – long may that continue.

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40 thoughts on “Suddenly it’s Summer!

  • 13th May 2021 at 7:40 am

    Hiya Penny,
    I don’t think it’s at all idiotic to be cautious , feelings are neither right nor wrong. I, too, am wary & will continue to wear a mask on public transport & in shops though I do intend to go to a restaurant soon. We have 3 single adult children but since they all live separately we still can’t have a family dinner-5 people but 4 households. It’s not yet warm enough for summer clothes in Scotland, I’m just long to be able to plant out my bedding plants. I love your skirt & its pockets. Take care, Anne Allen

    • 13th May 2021 at 7:52 am

      Hi Anne
      Great response to which I can relate. Just one thing, and off the top of my head I admit, so could be totally off mark. Isn’t it meet 6 people inside or two families?
      Have to admit whilst early on in this awful covid experience I could quote verbatim the ‘rules’ this time I wait until the day and firm up. 😊.
      Enjoy and be safe to All.
      CarolM x

    • 13th May 2021 at 9:57 am

      Hi Anne, I think I should have said that I feel a bit of a wimp rather than idiotic – not a good choice of words! Basically I’m very conflicted as I am cautious and a bit anxious by nature and yet I long to be sociable. And I have gone to the hairdressers and so on, so what am I afraid of? But at the same time, as I said, I think it’s also rational to be cautious, as this will be with us for a long time. We live in interesting times.

      Ah yes, it will take longer to warm up in Scotland – all the very very best and you take care too.

  • 13th May 2021 at 8:11 am

    Hi Penny,
    Yes I too will continue to wear my mask on public transport and when shopping.
    We now have heating and hot water (rewire and new boiler and radiators) so thankful for it all and often think of those without in our society.
    I caught the bus for the first time this week which feels good.
    As yet I won’t be coming out of my warm socks and jeans, in fact while my life involves some lovely rugged walks incorporated into my daily life it requires more thought on suitable supportive footwear to wear with dresses or skirts!! Just need more time to put things together.
    Love your skirt Penny

    • 13th May 2021 at 11:35 am

      Hi Vivien, glad to hear about the heating and yes it is good to remind ourselves how fortunate we are.

      And good for you going on a bus! I feel public transport is quite safe as long as we all continue wearing masks. I’ve been on a bus three times now, there and back, so that’s 6 times in all, and they are quite drafty, what with all the windows open. And also the seating is quite well spaced out.

      Thanks re: the skirt, and I’ve got socks on again! Take care 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 9:18 am

    Still cold in the north-east. Waiting and waiting to be able to wear my summer clothes! I haven’t been on public transport for more than a year and still a bit nervous about it. Looking forward to being able to meet up with friends indoors, as al fresco dining up here generally leads to a severe chill.
    Love your posts and your interview with Tricia.

    • 13th May 2021 at 11:41 am

      Hi Gena, and it’s good to meet you. It’s been such a long time since we wore summer clothes! Yesterday I thought at last, but today I’m back in socks. I think I’ll still get the clothes down and have a sort out.

      I think outside rush-hour, buses are OK what with windows open, spaced seating and everyone wearing masks. If mask wearing stops I won’t feel as comfortable as I do now. Mind you I do find going on a bus a bit anxiety-making – and that I guess is the ‘new normal’!

      Thank you so much for those kind words 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 9:19 am

    Hello Penny (from another Penny!)

    I don’t feel we are being over cautious. I would say that we are making the necessary risk assessments for our age and health. I had my second vaccination yesterday but don’t intend to do anything wild for the moment. My view is that I’ve managed without pubs and restaurants for over a year so can probably manage a bit longer. I will, however, be seeing close family when I can in a safe way as the are what I have missed the most.


    • 13th May 2021 at 11:44 am

      Hi Penny, and we’re obviously on the same page as I agree we have to assess the risks for our age and health. It is, as I said, rational to be cautious, so I shouldn’t feel such a wimp! Instead this is the new normal.

      And yes, seeing family is so important.

      Thanks 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 11:50 am

    I think a lot of us will continue to be cautious and until we are fully out of the woods, that’s a good thing. I’ve no immediate plans for restaurants or cinemas. I haven’t been into a department store yet and I’m still getting my food shopping delivered. I learnt during the lockdown that a solitary existence makes me happy. I find big gatherings make me anxious, particularly when it’s a long event and I don’t know many people x

    • 13th May 2021 at 3:15 pm

      I think I’m just like you Gail, not been in any major stores, I go to a supermarket very occasionally and most of our food shopping is delivered. I shall continue to be cautious and wear a mask. I’m going to wait a while before we go into any museums or art galleries. After May 17th, I want to know that the stats are low and stay low.

      It’s been great to hear others’ views on this x

  • 13th May 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Penny,

    It’s always a good day, when I see you in my Inbox. We have just had our lockdown extended until June here in Toronto, I’m ok with it, but my grandchildren are devastated. School will not be starting up for in person classes until next September, I see my grandkids really suffering from the lack of social interaction, and too much screen time. I really think the long term mental health problems created by this pandemic will be with us for a long time after Covid is over.
    I LOVE your new skirt, what a great find, you could probably wear it well into the fall with black boots and a black polo neck. Today is going to be 20 degrees here, so I am going to officially start wearing some summer outfits. In readiness for wearing skirts again, I have been putting on fake tan for the last few days. I must say it has made me feel so much better, and boosted my self confidence. Didn’t get a single streak, so am going to continue through the summer.
    One of the best things we ever did, was build an outdoor fire place in the garden, it has been invaluable, as we have been able to see family outside around the fire and stay warm. Normally we would just light it on cooler evenings, but we’ve used it so much during this pandemic, it’s become an extension of our living room.
    I am living vicariously through you, the thought of being able to actually go into a shop and buy a skirt fills me with glee, so keep shopping.
    Hugs from Canada.

    • 14th May 2021 at 6:58 am

      Hi Geri, I am so sorry you’ve still in lockdown – the thing is although we are relaxing ours even more this coming Monday our stats are increasing through, I guess, the variant from India. Fingers crossed the vaccine keeps hospitalisations at bay.

      Yes, that skirt is great although whilst photographing it I noticed a faded patch on the front of the skirt – oops that’s why it was in a charity shop, but don’t think it’s all that noticeable.

      The fire pit sounds amazing and just the thing needed for outdoor visits. I will keep shopping but I am definitely still being frugal.

      Very best wishes from Brighton to you in Canada 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Penny,
    I think that you are right and sensible to be cautious. As you say, this virus is no where near being “over” and I find it worrying that people seem to think the easing of lockdown measures is some kind of green light to return to life as it was before the pandemic struck. I consider myself to be lucky in that my husband and I live in a small commune in rural France. We don’t have any kind of public transport, so that’s not an issue or a worry in terms of being exposed to others and, for the most part, folks here seem to respect the mask wearing and social distancing requirements. We have both had our first vaccine (Astra Zeneca) and will probably have the second dose at the end of June. This morning I was both shocked and disgusted to see a french doctor having to throw away unused Astra Zeneca vaccines that had gone out of date because people refuse to have them. It really is mind boggling when our country (and the rest of the world) is suffering so much. We have decided to follow the mask wearing and social distancing protocols for some time to come to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. On a brighter note, I love all the stuff you wear, you are extremely stylish and I look forward to seeing what your next outfit or purchase will be as I sit here swaddled in my big and comfy onesie!
    Take care and stay safe and stylish.

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:07 am

      Hi Anne, and actually I am right to be cautious as over the last three days, Covid cases have increased in Brighton and elsewhere, all due, I’m guessing, to the Indian variant, fingers crossed the vaccines keep hospitalisations at bay. And yes, awful that vaccines are thrown away through people not wanting the vaccine. We do need a certain proportion of the population to be vaccinated for all our sakes, it’ll come but the vaccination figures will slow even in the UK as younger people always think they’re immortal! That, of course, does not include the 40-yr-olds (who I see as young) my kids were desperate for a vaccine (they’ve just had their 1st) and said all their friends were the same.

      I spoke too soon about summer! I was so convinced that the warmer temperatures were here to stay but same as ever, it was 3 days of warm weather and now we’re back to grey skies, rain and cooler temperatures – hey ho, might still sort out a few clothes.

      Thanks Anne and you take care too 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Hello Penny…I do like the skirt and it’s abstract panels of color. I like the color combination and like how it flatters your slim figure. It’s a win!
    It’s interesting to read how things are opening up for you and your blog community across the Atlantic. Here, in Southern California, things are opening up and it presents an interesting situation for us susceptible seniors. I have referred to it as “vaccine etiquette”. When the CDC opened up clearly defined social gatherings for the vaccinated, we had another vaccinated couple over for an outside bbq. (Yes, our weather was warm and sunny.). In prior zoom conversations, they had volunteered their choice to be vaccinated due to their care for an elderly parent. We four are in our 70’s. We had a wonderful time together!
    Then we tried to find other vaccinated people we could invite. That’s where we ran into a conundrum. “Are you vaccinated?” hardly sounded like a warm invitation.
    The topic of vaccines here in the U.S. is a political one. It can also be a topic of faith. Either way, it’s very touchy. I’m in the midst of trying to navigate this new terrain. It is wonderful when I hear from people who openly share their vaccine status but some are silent about it. What I’ve started to do when people call to chat, is share that since we had our vaccinations, we have had so-and-so over for dinner. I find that opens the door for the other person to open up or not open up about their status.
    I’m curious. Are vaccines a sensitive topic in the U.K.?

    • 13th May 2021 at 3:09 pm

      What an interesting question Charlene re: is there vaccine hesitancy and is it a sensitive topic? Well, some people are worried and sceptical about vaccines, and that includes those in hard-to-reach groups, and people who are BAME, and they would be the vaccine hesitant and it would be quite rational for them to think that way because of inequalities and really bad past experiences with authority. Then there are also the crazies as in, they think Covid is a conspiracy and/or caused by 4G masts – I mean, what nonsense!

      But on the whole the entire population of the UK has embraced the vaccine programme. I don’t know anyone of my age who hasn’t had a vaccine and the conversation used to go, ‘have you had yours yet’, or when is yours? And we asked in the full knowledge that everybody wanted the vaccine. This includes younger people, my kids are in their very early 40s and they were desperate to have the vaccine (they’ve now had their 1st jab).

      I do hope I don’t shock you, but faith is not a big thing in the UK. You probably would be shocked at how few go to church, and any politician espousing to be religious would be viewed with the highest suspicion, true! So faith doesn’t come into vaccination at all. But if there is a religion in the UK it’s our love for our National Health Service and from right to left, Conservatives to Labour, we all use this service and we all love it, and we are quite used to our General Practitioner dishing out vaccines. So, no matter what political party you belong to, it’s a kind of a normal thing to want to be vaccinated against this awful virus.

      Ah, the warm weather in Southern California – I can just picture it, sigh. It’s got cold again! You take care, Charlene and thanks for your really interesting comment 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 1:23 pm

    That skirt is a great find. I love when it all lines up, the fabric the size and the length, for another addition to the skirt stash. I found a gorgeous turquoise linen one but one problem, it was covered with a mexican type beading all over. That is not my style, but the linen was heavenly and the colour is certainly me, so I bought it and spent the next day picking off all the beading… tada.. a fantastic new skirt that goes with so much of my closet. If only small adjustments are required, I am open to more choices. As for the getting out and about, we are like Geri above, still under stay at home orders and even after that lifts, I will not be in any rush to get out and socialize. I have become much to settled in my isolated world with husband, cats and all the nature carrying on outside in the gardens. How will it feel to be able to hold a hand and share a hug? Not sure but the grandkids will be first. We will have many milestones to celebrate when we are able and many trips to experience but have to get ahold of the anxiety of getting out there first. Fingers crossed that the frost has finished for now here too. Best to you Penny

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:30 am

      Hi Diane, lovely to hear from you and learn about your life, and maybe it’s wise to be in a strict lockdown as here in Brighton (and elsewhere) cases are rising again (? the Indian variant) so this will be with us for a long time. And yet hopefully the vaccination programme will keep hospitalisation down, fingers crossed that this will happen for you too. Yes, grandkids always come first, we are embarking on looking after our little one soon!

      There is so much to look forward to, Diane, I’m with you there, but sorry to say that the cold wet weather has returned! But still might sort my clothes out this weekend. Very best to you too 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 2:04 pm

    Fabulous skirt, what a find! It really suits you too. I had covid a month ago and luckily was not affected that badly, although it was horrible. So now I am actually quite relieved because I can forget about it for this summer.

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:31 am

      Oh Lise, my word, so sorry to hear you actually got the blasted virus – good to hear you’re better.

      The skirt is amazing and swishes as you walk.

      Thanks 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 3:36 pm

    We’ve had 3 sunny and mostly dry days this week but today is a bit damp and grey & very chilly. I’m not washing and packing away my wool cardigans just yet! We are meeting friends next week for the first time since last summer and we are going to a restaurant again. ( We have all had our 2 jabs).Very happy and not at all worried as we have minimal levels of infection round here. Been on the bus and will be making a short (40 mins) train journey at the end of the month to visit my sister. I’m hoping mask wearing will not be compulsory soon. Fine if people want to carry on with them but they don’t offer much protection from being infected. I think the distancing thing will continue for a while, which is a shame really but it’s become a habit. I’m hoping that outdoor singing will be possible from next week missing it so much! Did you know that you can order free quick tests ? We’ve only just found out & my husband has done one but I’ve not. You are supposed to send in the results (don’t know where) to help them estimate asymptomatic infection rates. The accuracy rates are not high, particularly for self-administered quick tests, but if you get a positive result you can then have a PCR test to confirm it (or not). I will not let disproportionate anxiety stop me getting back to my life as soon as possible. I’ve lost 16 months already and I’m tired and frustrated being at home like a much older person in poor health or lacking mobility. It’s tolerable but not much fun. Bring on the fun!

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:58 am

      Oh fun is what we need, I am totally with you there, but we have to be cautious a little bit here in Brighton as just the last few days cases are rising quite a bit once again (? the Indian variant), so not keen on restaurants. Might in Lewes maybe where cases are minimal.

      I absolutely agree with you too, that we’ve been made to behave as though we were much older, I will write about this in my next post and tell you all about the way I got out of that frustrated cycle. But I do know how you feel as I’m not sure whether I’ll go on a cruise, for instance, until it gets back to completely as cruising was before – wouldn’t like to wear masks there. I have booked for 2022, but if it’s with restrictions like only cruise outings rather than mooching around a port and wearing masks in communal areas, I shall move it to 2023. However, I will wear a mask on public transport and in shops for ever maybe, we’ll see.

      But yes, Lynda, I’m with you, bring on the fun 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 3:40 pm

    What a wonderful find, not only a Cos skirt but one with pockets and for £7.00!
    I think we all have to do our own ‘risk assessment’ and do what is comfortable for us as individuals. I have always been very sociable but I do have a certain amount of anxiety as a result of all that has happened in the last year. I was even wondering if I have lost my ability to entertain!
    Our eldest son has booked self-catering accommodation, in Cornwall for five days, in June. We will be joining him and his girlfriend and taking Zeph for his first ever break! This will be a big adventure as we haven’t been away since November 2019, when we last visited our French house. I always remember how fortunate we have been compared to so many people who have suffered dreadfully throughout the pandemic.

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:42 am

      I feel very much like you that I’ve lost some of my sociability and because it’s been such a long break from having people ’round’ I’ve definitely lost some of my hospitality skills. And I realise it is right to be cautious as cases are rising once again in Brighton.

      Wow, June I’m the same as you as I haven’t been on holiday or away since …November 2019! We have 3 definite holidays booked this year though. One quite soon in my daughter’s empty house in Lewes – it’s just a change to be somewhere else (!) one in a cottage on the Suffolk coast in late June, and one in September in a cottage on the beach at Dungeness. Will be so nice.

      And the skirt is such a bargain with its Cos label.

      Thanks 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 4:52 pm

    Your hair really does look great Penny. Can you believe I only have 3 skirts in my wardrobe. One is a Winter one which never left my closet this year. The other two are Summery prints, years old. I always wore skirts or dresses with more formal shoes, likes pumps but I am thinking I can wear them more casually, nice sneakers or wedge espidrilles, tee shirts. trying not to purchase new. I did have to buy new bras this week as mine we no longer doing their job, and new sneakers as my old trusty ones have worn out their tread.
    I am so enjoying my walks with no mask. I think it has encouraged me to explore new areas in my neighborhood, streets I may never have walked even though I have lived here over 20 years. Next week the family, that is my two children, their spouses and my two grandchildren, will go to a lovely French restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Really looking forward to this, not just the meal but having us all together. I finally have put in the flowers on my little patio, this morning it was finally warm enough to take my tea there and enjoy nature.
    Love, Darby

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:49 am

      Thanks re: the hair, Derby, at the end of the month, I’m going to get another couple of inches cut off. It’s so nice to hear of your life in New York, I can almost picture it as I went once over twenty years ago! But we walked everywhere plus went on the ferry to Staten Island and back and then walked through Chinatown and onwards quite a way.

      Enjoy that birthday celebration, sounds lovely. The flowers and tea on the patio sounds idyllic. I am beginning the summer display on my balcony but the weather has reverted back to being cold and wet! One day…!

      Love from Brighton to you over the pond 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 5:20 pm

    Hi Penny – love your skirt. Skirts don’t seem to feature in most fashion lines so charity shop finds are really good to have.
    It has remained very cold here in the Welsh Marches and I have not yet managed to go out without socks. Have been barefoot a lot at home but purple feet is not a good look!
    On a lighter note my daughter in Australia sent me some fabulous earrings made of resin which I intend to wear a lot. Daft earrings make me smile and detract from imperfections etc in other areas!

    Roll on the summer!

    Kindest regards,


    • 14th May 2021 at 7:35 am

      Hi Sandra, I wrote this post too soon as the blasted cold and wet weather is back in Brighton now! One day…. but I’m back in socks again!

      Your earring sound lovely – anything to make us smile. I simply love rearranging the furniture and I’ll be writing about this in my next post.

      Roll on the summer – yay, with you there! Very best to you too 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 5:47 pm

    I can cope with the wet if it’s not cold but cold and wet – NO!

    Your Cos skirt was a bargain, indeed and how lovely you look in it! This is the first week I haven’t worn socks…

    Let’s hope people continue to behave sensibly next week. I was asked to wait outside a charity shop today as there were 3 customers already in the shop. But while I waited outside for at least 10 minutes I observed that two of the three customers weren’t wearing their masks properly; both had noses exposed. When I pointed it out to the member of staff she said she hadn’t noticed. It makes you wonder…

    Have a great weekend

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:23 am

      Hi Veronica, I realise I’m right to be cautious as cases are rising once again in Brighton, from I guess, the Indian variant. Fingers crossed for the next few days and weeks.

      Honestly I wrote too soon, the weather is cold and wet again! And yes, the skirt is great and made from a stiff cotton fabric that swishes as you walk!

      Thanks so much Veronica – have a lovely weekend xxx

  • 13th May 2021 at 5:49 pm

    Hi Penny… the skirt is fabulous, and I love that it has pockets! Here in Los Angeles the weather is warming up and it’s been anywhere between 60’s – 90’s (I’m not really ready for the 90’s yet) Technically, the state of CA is supposed to fully open up again in July and vaccinated people are allowed to be outside with no masks. I’ll still be wearing a mask inside though. I’m 62 and have managed to stay healthy this entire time; with the exception of gaining some extra pounds! I do work in the office on Mondays and Fridays and from home Tuesdays-Thursdays; so I’ve never been in complete lockdown. I too am a thrift store shopper but I haven’t been in one since this pandemic started; I look forward to doing that again.

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:18 am

      Hi Karla, it is so interesting to hear from people living across the pond. And oh my, the weather where you are… I wouldn’t like the 90s but it would be so nice to get a little warmth. I spoke and wrote too soon, we’re back to many days of much cooler weather, grey skies and rain!

      Onwards and upwards though and hurrah for when you can get back to the thrift stores 🙂

  • 13th May 2021 at 6:42 pm

    Hi I am a volunteer for Oxfam in Belfast and buy all my clothes there. Love your style, the skirt is class. We have a vintage section which makes me smile being of a similar age to yourself. Most of it I have worn first time round!

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:14 am

      Oh well done you being a volunteer in a charity shop, bet it’s got some lovely stock. I know what you mean about vintage – I love vintage shops that have 50s gear though. Thanks so much for the comment 🙂

  • 14th May 2021 at 6:36 am

    I am a bit anxious too about,, normal,, life. I hope it will all go so slowly that we can adjunct to it. I get my vaccination this Sunday!! Yes, finaly! And weer have vacation as of Monday. The first week it will be very cold and rainy!! Your skirt is a great one, I love those colors, and the pockets. And the beads are perfect! Have s great day Penny!

    • 14th May 2021 at 7:13 am

      It sounds as though we’re thinking along the same lines, Nancy, about what is normal and what can we do safely. So very pleased you’re getting a vaccination, it’s so necessary for you.

      Have a lovely vacation, I have one coming up soon when I stay in my daughter’s empty house at the end of May, and then at the end of June we go to the Suffolk coast which is a lovely part of the country.

      I spoke and wrote too soon, it’s got cold again! Take care 🙂

  • 14th May 2021 at 3:55 pm

    Hi Penny. Great skirt. I really like the shapes. What a bargain find and lovely with your height. On me, I would look like a lampshade, and it would touch the floor. I’m still sewing my way towards summer, in the hope that it will eventually be with us. Life Chez Us is pretty mundane except for some major health problems which have recently arisen. We will be making the most of the stay over rules, when they come into force, as we haven’t seen family members for a while, and we’re all a bit scattered. The German contingent are still waiting on their vaccinations and we are worried for them as things are not as clear cut as here. It seems a bit of a bunfight. The pandemic and the health problems are bringing things into very sharp focus for us, and emphasising the fact that family is the most important thing in the world. All the best, Trish S

    • 16th May 2021 at 8:28 am

      Hi Trish, thanks and you made me laugh with the lampshade reference! The weather – gosh, it now returns once again to a soggy cold Spring!

      Sorry to hear about the health problem – they do begin to stack up. I’ll be writing about this at some point soon. Family is absolutely the most important thing – totally with you there.

      All the very best to you too 🙂

  • 21st May 2021 at 12:25 pm

    Lovely skirt suits you well. Just a thought a floral printed tops may look more impressive for your smile

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