Before we get on to frocks I’d like to say something about shoes and the older woman.  I simply adore shoes and in my time I’ve worn every type from the highest heels to sandals and low ballet flats.  And Doc Martens, how I loved them!   You name the shoe I wore it.   But now, I really admire anyone over 60 who can wear heels.  Me, I would take a couple of steps and just fall flat on my face.  I have to be really careful as I have small (size 5) very thin, high-arched feet that look rather dainty but, actually are increasingly wobbly because there seems to be less and less of my foot on the ground.  Apparently, says my chiropodist, as you age there is less and less flesh on the underneath of your foot – hmm, that’s definitely happening to my feet. So one problem with thin feet is that any flat, ballet-style shoes I try on either gape in the shop and are rejected immediately or, if I buy them, can quite quickly start looking like a pair of baggy old slippers.  I have to have an adjustable strap or laces to tighten the shoes up.

Also a couple of weeks ago I had a comment from someone with bunions who despaired at finding a good pair of party shoes.  Well, despair ye not, because there are shoes out there.  And let’s start with flats and a link to Marie Claire that has 50 flats that you can swap your heels for!  Thank you Invisible Woman, as I think you tweeted that one a couple of weeks back.

Also I really like a shoe shop called ‘Schuh’.   Don’t be put off by the bright lights and wacky young look of the shop, as it is a positive treasure trove of flat and sparkly shoes that can be bought for a very reasonable price.  The shop sells many different brands and, if you want heels, there are some totally gorgeous shoes to be found, but there ‘s sure to be something for those of us with difficult feet: narrow, broad and/or with bunions.

P1010860I have bought at least two pairs of flat shoes from Schuh that are lovely and fit my thin feet well. Here’s one pair in this pic on the left.  Both were under £30.00.  Or why not be like Sue Kreitzman who always wears crocs – you can find them in all sorts of colours.

However, I also look for shoes in charity shops and, yes, it is hard to find a good fit, or, for example, a pair of boots without an enormously high heel.  What is it with people who buy these impractical objects, I often wonder?   Boots are for the cold, wet and wintry weather, aren’t they?  So why a tottering high heel – nope, don’t know either.  Perhaps that’s why there are so many of these boots in charity shops!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I found two pairs of flats that fitted my thin feet to P1010863perfection – at £6.00 each I was in heaven  – and I wore these sparkly ones on the right at Mirror, Mirror with my Karen Millen outfit.

That’s all for now.  A blog on frocks next week for sure!

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

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