For most of us this is such a busy (but lovely) time of the year.  Like everyone else I’ve been preparing for Christmas, so this is just a short blog (and the tale of channeling Gloria Swanson will be told next year!).

For some very last minute beauty advice and Christmas buys I highly recommend the Sali Hughes’ list of budget Christmas gifts and her Christmas wishlist.  I also like her take on smoky eye makeup.  My eye makeup, especially around the eye socket is, I feel, not quite right.  I think it’s a bit harsh, but don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer in eye makeup for older women so in the New Year I am going to hook up with Tricia Cusden, the founder and MD of Look Fabulous Forever, and she is going to give me some advice.   So watch this space for more blogs on makeup for the older woman.

And, my Christmas message to you, is – thank you so much for reading the blog.  I have loved every moment of doing it: love the research, love the writing, love your comments.  I leave you with this principle that I truly believe.  As we age we are far freer to be creative with our clothes than we were when we younger and constrained by work and caring for our children.  And what’s more, whatever your age you can buy and wear fabulous clothes for next-to-nothing if you use your local charity shops! We are style, we baby boomers – we are the future of ageing!

Next blog will feature some New Year resolutions and blogs to look forward to.

A Happy Christmas to one and all!

With love


The Frugal Fashion Shopper

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