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As I keep saying, we Brits are such wimps when it comes to our weather.  For most of the UK population, last week was pretty dire as parts of our country had over 34C (93.2F) for 6 consecutive days, with the nights not much cooler and, don’t forget, we don’t have air con in our homes. I wonder, though, that if this is the future (which it is, of course) whether us Brits will go for air con. It’ll be a fundamental change in our housing stock if we do, although change is no bad thing and I am old enough to remember when central heating was considered something of a luxury for the few. But let’s pause for a mo’, populations throughout the world taking up air con will be the death of the planet, just think of all that hot air pumping out of our homes and the electricity needed for it. It’s not a good scenario. Let’s think of other remedies. I remember working in Switzerland in the early 70s and they weren’t like the Brits, who say of a house, ‘oh, it has plenty of light coming in, isn’t that nice.’ No, the whole point of a house was to keep the light, as in the sun, out. So all houses had shutters outside, which were slammed shut throughout the day and the house kept dark, and therefore cooler than the fierce heat of a mid-European summer.  I don’t remember disliking this.

Anyway this high temperature, plus the humidity around our little island, made the nights pretty unbearable, but I can’t believe what I’m saying as actually I slept well through that heat because of a fan we bought recently. And btw, I never get gifts and no-one is paying me for this recommendation!

Bear with me, but I have a lot of insomnia these days. Mind you, I think that the ruination of my sleep pattern began with my daughter who, as a baby, didn’t sleep through the night until she was 3-years-old! For years after that I’d wake at the slightest thing. Forget traffic noise, the cat could come in at night and walk around the house and I’d be awake and mega alert, it was just something I got used to, but for the past few years I take quite a bit of time to get off to sleep – the over active brain forever on patrol and those thoughts that keep on acoming.  And if there is one thing I cannot abide is people/articles/experts saying things like older folks do not need so many hours sleep. They’re usually younger for a start, and I often wonder what they’ll be saying about these ‘facts’ when they’re older, because, actually I need my sleep and can tell the difference when I have slept well and when I haven’t, thank you.

Before this hot weather, I had an awful pattern of going to sleep then waking early on in the night (for the loo) and not going back to sleep until after 5.0am!  Yikes and *%@£^, that was awful as this went on for over 2 weeks and nothing I did made any difference. You name an action to make you sleep I did it, but funnily enough I now know from a course I’m doing (see below) that too many different actions or techniques done in one night will make you more alert than ever – yup it certainly did that.  I do know the the first night of not-sleeping was caused by anxiety of what, I can’t remember now, but after two weeks it just stopped – thank the gods! Anyway here are some of the things I have picked up over the years to help me sleep. Of course, there’re sure to be more ways to beat insomnia, so do tell me your favourite ways of helping you get to that allusive deep slumber. And always take note that in no way am I an expert, and if you suffer from insomnia you need to take the path that is right for you.

My top tips on preventing insomnia learnt from being an experienced insomniac!

Keep regular hours On the whole I do turn the light off at the same time (approx 11.0pm) and wake at the same time (6.30am – I am a lark!) But of course, do vary this as you need to be sleepy before you turn the light out. This is sometimes not possible if your partner wants to turn the light off before you get that sleepy feeling.  Perhaps have a light that directs its beam just to your book and nowhere else.  I need to find one of those!

The bedroom This needs to be an environment for sleeping and nothing else – so no TV on the wall, and if you can, put your phone and iPad outside the room and go for no blue light in the bedroom. Through lockdown I was doing most of my reading on my iPad. This I’ve stopped and I’m reading real books again (currently the latest Mantel – yay).  The thing is, is it a peaceful place? Ask yourself that. I think mine is.

The bed – is it comfortable?  Ah yes, to be honest, I don’t think our bed is the best for us.  Before we moved to our new flat (which is so right for us) the bedroom shrank in my mind and I thought our Kingsize bed would never fit the room, so before we moved I scrapped our large comfortable bed because, also, we needed storage in the base, so I got a bed with drawers x4 in a double bed size. This was a mistake and I’m contemplating the idea of getting one of those beds that are in effect two single mattresses joined together. I’m at the beginning of my research on this so will report back when I know what I’m talking about!

Some exercise taken during the day really does help.  But not too near bedtime.

Caffeine  I don’t have any caffeine whatsoever now (I shouldn’t – it’s the heart thing) but years before my January experience (!) I stopped all caffeine intake from midday onwards.  So it was real tea in bed in the morning in bed and real coffee at 11.0am but thereafter I had decaffeinated tea and coffee. And really the taste of Yorkshire decaffeinated tea is excellent while I’d defy you to notice the difference between caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee if you use a quality ground decaffeinated coffee. It’s really good.

Food There are lots of good foods to eat that help with sleep. As so many experts will tell you the hormone Melatonin is the key to sleep. Apparently a few foods do contain melatonin such as oats. But the vitamin B6 makes melatonin, so if you can increase that vitamin in your evening meals with foods like tuna, wild salmon, avocado, chicken, bananas and prunes. But on the other hand, don’t overload your system by eating too near bedtime.  How I used to relish eating mid-evening and had many a dinner party with us all eating quite late into the night, but I am so unsophisticated now and actually have become like my parents who ate sparingly at  6.0pm. I can’t quite yet make my main meal at lunch time, I’m too active during the day to want to cook and eat a big midday meal, but oh yes, I do eat our main meal really early now.

And above all keep cool  The heat this year seemed to be more fierce than usual so with the short heatwave that we had a few weeks before this current heatwave we bought a Dimplex column fan, used it once, and then not at all for many days and weeks. But gosh were we glad we’d bought it as through this heatwave we had it on practically 24/7 including during the night as it has a programme to turn it off automatically 1, 2 or even 3 hours on from when you go to sleep. The first night we thought this is a hot night, so let’s give it a go but, on the other hand, the noise of the fan was sure to keep us awake.  Not so, before I knew it I dropped into a deep sleep. Wow! And double wow as this pattern of falling asleep quickly continued throughout these hot nights and it was all due to the motor of this fan giving off a sound that was, I suppose, a ‘white noise’.

I also seemed to be in a deeper sleep as I had no problem returning to sleep if I got up in the night for the usual wee. And to prove that it really is the answer to my insomnia two nights ago when we didn’t turn on the fan as it was (marginally) cooler I could not get to sleep. So I shall research ‘white noise’ apps on the phone or the devices that seem to be mainly for babies!

There are many other techniques to help you sleep including deep breathing, visualisations, and simply getting up and doing something else and you can find no end of books, articles, and stuff on the ‘net that will help with these. Do, for example,  have a look at Annabel Streets & Susan Saunders blog or buy their book, The Age Well Project as it has a whole chapter on sleeping well. One technique that helped to block my thoughts is the trick of constantly mouthing the word ‘the’ all the time.  I got this tip through the Sleepstation course, which my GP gave approval to and I therefore got for free. I haven’t finished the course as yet, but will let you know what I think. So far it’s been all about keeping a sleep diary. Silently saying ‘the’ did help me block thoughts, but did not make me fall asleep. I still think the biggest revelation re: my sleep has been the fan – it’s made by Dimplex and you can get it on Amazon.

What else has kept me cool?

Well I’ve worn these shorts a lot.

The shorts were from M&S and the tee is slightly cropped and cost nothing as it came via post and was the wrapping for a retro coffee pot – I’ve worn this free tee shirt a lot this summer!

Shorts have been quite a favourite. These black ones below came from George at Asda and the tee is old and bought in a charity shop years ago.

Long flappy skirts have been worn. That’s an old photo and I can see my posture has improved with the Pilates I’ve been doing.

And I bought this dress online from M&S and it fits perfectly. It’s sold as a ‘beach’ dress but I think it’ll do for a barbie or even a dinner party or a cruise night.  As in, those occasions that are not happening (for us) this year, but hopefully, next year.

But the dress that has been worn again and again is this one below.

I usually wear it in the afternoon after my walk when I come back feeling hot and sweaty. Its tent-like shape flaps around my legs and makes me feel cooler as I cook the evening meal. I got it from George at Asda and it cost very little (?£11 in a sale) but in my eyes, it’s definitely a winner.

That’s all for now, but if you have any tips about keeping cool and sleeping well do pass them on as I’m sure we can all learn from each other 🙂

With love, Penny, the Frugalfashionshopper

P.S. If you’ve read down this far – thank you so much.  And if you fancy another slightly different read do pop over to My Other Blog where I have a new piece up. Look for the icon to this other blog on the side of this piece if reading on a PC or Mac and at the end if reading on a phone, but please do not read if you don’t like ‘politics’ and definitely don’t read it if you like the idea of the UK leaving the EU! That gives you a clue to its subject.

Take care all of you, and thank you again for reading this blog, I truly appreciate you all.




42 thoughts on “Sleep perchance to dream – could you last week?

  • 17th August 2020 at 10:13 am

    Love your blog always interesting. I too have/had problems sleeping and came across something called -sleep plus pillow spray- made by thisworks.com and a week into using it my sleep has definitely improved. When it is very hot I find a COLD water bottle works well, fill your hottie with cold water and refrigerate during the day or even pop it into the freezer for an hour or so before bed. Hope this is helpful.

    • 17th August 2020 at 8:21 pm

      My only comment about Melatonin is that my Husband and I took that medicine and we believe it caused a TIA for both of us. I’m sure that many people took it with success but for us it was not good. When lived in Florida for 27 years and during the first years without Air Conditioning I found that letting cool to cold water on my wrist helped to lower my body temps and a cool wash cloth at the back of my neck did the same. Black clothing I saved for evening as it retains the heat. We had temps of no higher than 90 but our humidity was 88 and it was uncomfortable. Hope this climate changes pass soon for you. Stay well and it’s good to read that you’re trying to conquer insomnia.
      Best Wishes, Barbara, in the States

      • 18th August 2020 at 6:47 am

        We can’t get Melatonin in the UK apart that is from the ‘net. Won’t try it now with my condition (which is improving, but even so I’m careful)

        I agree that a cool wash cloth on the back of the neck is a real life saver.

        I think we’re going down the route of researching outside window/glass door shutters, which will keep the heat off the west-facing glass balcony doors. All UK housing was built to withstand rain and wind and more recently to preserve energy, withstanding heat is not a consideration as yet, but it will be. Best wishes to you too, Barbara 🙂

    • 18th August 2020 at 6:39 am

      Thank you Sheila – I usually put lavender essential oil on my pillow which doesn’t really work so will look into that thisworks spray – thanks for the tip. A cold water bottle – yes! Thanks again 🙂

  • 17th August 2020 at 10:28 am

    Ah yes the sleep problem! Mine started nearly 24 years ago when we had a big family upset which gave me 3 months of insomnia. I had never had sleep problems before other than an occasionally painful arm which I used a heat pad for. I then had some kind of virus and entered the medical/psychological ‘black hole’ which is Fibromyalgia (FMS), closely associated with ME. Nobody knows exactly what causes this but there is a change in the processing of peripheral pain signals in the brain. Lots of other problems I won’t go into here but disordered sleep is a central feature. You get stuck in a self-perpetuating loop of pain and lack of deep sleep which can be very disabling. I have a family history of neurological conditions and I think FMS is another manifestation of this.
    You may wonder what relevance this has to sleep problems generally (!) but I think what happens is that the normal physiological processes that initiate sleep are disrupted – perhaps by physical or psychological events – and once disrupted it is very difficult to re-establish. I was once asked to write an essay in response to ‘Sleep is an active process – discuss’ because there sleep does not just ‘happen’ when you close your eyes. It is initiated and maintained by a complex process of which we are unaware & which I’m not qualified to explain. My own sleep varies although I take painkillers and amitriptyline as a muscle relaxant but I often wish I could turn my dreams off!
    I’ve been really miserable with the humidity we’ve been having lately – it reminds me of ’76 when I was pregnant with my second child who was born in October. I was hippo huge with fluid retention – over 11 stone when I was 8 stone before – and although we lived by the sea it was exhausting.
    Will be buying a fan soon as although we don’t need it now I’m sure we are going to get more extreme heat in the future. As you say air conditioning is not the answer for individual homes although we do have it in the car but use it very infrequently. I would not mind shutting up the house like they do abroad as long as I can be out of it! We have a large tree in the garden which has provided a very welcome sunshade this year. I can see blue sky here today so that’s all god then!

    • 18th August 2020 at 7:01 am

      Oh my word, Lynda, have we found this out before? That you and I both had a child in October ’76? My firstborn, Susie, was born October 30th and I remember that summer well, and also remember that I said (because I was working throughout that hot weather) next summer I’ll be outside all day long. And blow me down, I think if I remember rightly it rained throughout that next summer!!! Dang!!

      I have an appalling pattern of sleep but am trying the Sleepstation programme. You can ask your GP for his/her approval and get it for nothing. Anyway it’s quite rigorous and I don’t think I realised what I was letting myself in for (!) as I have just started the restricted sleep phase which I have to keep doing for 2 weeks. Hmmmm is all I can say after my first night of not getting into bed before midnight (midnight!) and getting up at 6.0am. You must not use the bed for anything other than sleep, so no reading for an hour before turning off the light and no cup of tea in bed in the morning – you have to get up! But as I feel I can’t waste the NHS money I shall stick to it. I’ll let you know how I get on.

  • 17th August 2020 at 10:29 am

    Sorry, should be ‘good’ not ‘god’!

  • 17th August 2020 at 10:33 am

    I had to smile when this post popped up because I used the very same quote in a blog post I wrote about three weeks ago! Great minds and all that… I, too, have problems sleeping these days. I think mine started with the menopause. I definitely sleep better in France! Why? (I hear you asking.) Mainly because of the shutters and secondly because we invested in fans. In my post, I list what I try to help me sleep. Do have a look if you have time but no problem if you don’t! Strangely, I never have a problem falling asleep but I do wake up in those wee, small hours of the morning and find my mind goes into overdrive; hardly surprising with the current state of our world. I love the black dress and I am on the look out for a similar slip dress. Great photos, as usual!

    • 18th August 2020 at 6:36 am

      Oh June!!! I’ve just gone to your blog and seen the post that you talk about (which I actually commented on) and I absolutely forgot that you used that quote for your title! But many apologies as it must seem as though… but yes, great minds!

      I have a dreadful pattern of sleep and nothing much changes it, so have started the NHS sleep programme Sleepstation. It’s quite rigorous and having said I’ve tried everything I have just started their restricted sleeping phase, which is something I haven’t tried. Gosh after my first night, I’m feeling a bit sleep deprived but I have to do it for 2 weeks so watch this space for a progress report.

      Take care 🙂

  • 17th August 2020 at 11:03 am

    I find it I listen to Radio 4 very low volume on my ear phones conneccted to my kindle I can gently be lulled to sleep through Sailing By, the midnight news, the shipping forecast (which I now understand), the National anthem and then the World Service until 5 am.
    I’m also impeded by a CPAP mask that I wear for sleep zones which though not noisy you can hear your own breathing as the air rushes up your nose…hence the radio.
    The funniest / disturbing thing is that my early morning dreams sometimes feature what is coming through the radio…So I can dream I’m back in work doing a presentation and someone in the audience asks a question and I cannot reply because they won’t stop talking and I wake up suddenly to realise that the persistent talking is coming from a person being interviewed on the Today programme!!!!

    • 18th August 2020 at 7:23 am

      I am now on a sleep programme which restricts sleep to 6 hours starting at midnight (I mean, I never stay up that late!) so I think I too will be listening to Radio 4. Isn’t the shipping forecast wonderful. Take care 🙂

  • 17th August 2020 at 11:48 am

    Yes, being told how many hours sleep we oldies need by young people, lol. Another thing I’ve noticed recently is reading about older characters in novels rarely reflects my own experience. Unless we are going out to dinner we now have our evening meal about 6.30 and then nothing until breakfast at 9. Although we live in the S of France we have resisted air conditioning mainly because of noise pollution and also we are trying to be green, as you say, closing the shutters or even the curtains in sunny rooms helps. When the temperatures are very high close the windows in the day time too. We keep our windows open at night with the shutters closed. As far as getting off to sleep I have a method of my own. I don’t know if you played a game when you were young going through the alphabet listing flowers, fruits, rivers etc. Rivers are my favourite. Mostly it works for me. Stay cool.

    • 18th August 2020 at 7:45 am

      That’s how we eat, and the restricting eating between those hours is meant to be good for you.

      I think shutters is the way forward rather than air con, which is so wasteful of energy. Housing in Europe has got it right, I think. And that’s a good game but I find even counting is too stimulating and keeps me awake rather than getting me off to sleep, but saying the word ‘the’ over and over has been quite helpful.

      Whatever works is best. It’s cooler now but still quite humid 🙂

  • 17th August 2020 at 12:12 pm

    I have had bouts of insomnia for many years and something that has helped me greatly is listening to Dan Jones sleep stories on YouTube. I rarely hear the end of the story as somehow his voice stops the active churning of my mind. It might be worth a try!

    • 18th August 2020 at 7:48 am

      Thank you so much – good tip and I shall try him, especially now I have to stay up late (midnight) as I’m on a restricted sleep programme for 2 weeks and found my eyes got quite tired reading all the time – thanks 🙂

  • 17th August 2020 at 12:30 pm

    I live in a barn where half is built in clay lump and half in brick. The clay lump bit really works well.
    It keeps the rooms beautifully cool in summer and retains heat in winter. Only downside is that I have to pay a huge amount in special house insurance as clay lump seems to be considered as more of a risk. This sort of building material would be the obvious answer for climate warming.
    As for insomnia, it has been with me all my life. Now I have retired it really doesn’t bother me as I know I don’t have to go to work the next day!

    • 18th August 2020 at 7:50 am

      How interesting re: the clay. Sometimes I think the old methods are often the best. I used to say that, that the insomnia doesn’t matter but the pattern of waking and not returning to sleep at all, did bother me, so here I am on a sleep retraining programme. Hey ho, we’ll see what it does! Take care 🙂

  • 17th August 2020 at 1:47 pm

    I find that listening to an audio book or podcast puts me into a deep sleep and I’ll wake up about 3am for a wee and realise that I must have fallen asleep within 10 mins of starting to listen! My kindle has a setting where is switches off after a designated amount of time and if I set it for 15 mins I find that I’ve never made it to the end. I wonder if the fan’s white noise is the secret for you? We had our grandson come and sleep over last week for one night and he likes a night light on in the room, well it drove me mad! I could not settle with a light on upstairs at all. And yet I don’t like a completely darkened room either, unlike my husband who would happily have blackout blinds!

    • 18th August 2020 at 8:06 am

      It seems it is the slightest thing that can upset our sleep patterns, I too am affected by light. I could sleep with blackout blinds!

      The fan’s white noise was so good. Have found a similar noise on an app on my phone, so am using that.

  • 17th August 2020 at 2:28 pm

    Having lived in Malaysia/Algeria/Zambia buildings were adapted for heat.
    You need to prevent the sun heating up the glass in your window as hot glass heats the room – so curtains/blinds are useless. You need small windows with EXTERNAL shutters (like in Med countries) and thick walls.
    Also no carpets – but concrete, stone or wooden floors.
    Building regs in UK are not designed for cold or hot weather – but for profits for developers.

    • 18th August 2020 at 8:09 am

      Oh how I agree with you that UK houses are designed only with profit in mind, the rabbit hutch size of the new builds is awful, and why isn’t every new house built with solar panels? External shutters is absolutely the way forward, the central Europeans got it right. We absolutely must not continue building shoddy houses that resort to air con.

  • 17th August 2020 at 3:25 pm

    Hi Penny

    Insomnia!! I was given an Alexa for Xmas and there are many soothing sounds available
    including beach sounds and white noise that I find very effective so good luck

    • 17th August 2020 at 6:08 pm

      Hi Penny
      Love reading all your blogs and you are spot on about the heat this year .
      Can I ask what model Dimplex fan you bought . Was it the Mont Blanc ?
      I want to purchase one as I have / struggling with the heat . Many thanks

    • 18th August 2020 at 7:54 am

      I’ve found an app on my phone appropriately called ‘White Noise’ and am using the airplane noise through the night as the fan was too noisy – seems to be working. Thanks

  • 17th August 2020 at 9:12 pm

    On your computer, so I’m assuming it’s the same on your ipad, in the settings, You can click on a night light when you’re using it of an evening. Honestly, it really makes a difference, and it’s to do with not being exposed to “blue” light (blue as in daytime, I suppose?). When I have warm milk before bed, I’m out like a light. Having said this, I don’t always do it, and some nights recently I couldn’t sleep at all, so it’s been up to make hot milk. Even in the wee hours. Could be to do with our city (Auckland, New Zealand) back into a stay at home lockdown so maybe sometimes it’s all of the worrying in the ether that we pick up. As a lark it really puts me out of sync when my sleep pattern goes awry and I wake up late.

    • 18th August 2020 at 8:13 am

      I do have that toned down light on my phone and iPad, but apparently it’s still not conducive to sleep. I think there’s a lot more insomnia around right now plus I hear that there are lot of people having nightmares and vivid dreams. We live in challenging times. Still think it’s better in new Zealand that any where else. I salute your PM 🙂

  • 17th August 2020 at 10:50 pm

    Sleep is so important that when we don’t get it, it’s an emergency. That’s one reason I always like coming home after a trip because our bed is more comfy than where we usually stay.
    I love what you’re wearing. I bet that beachy dress could work for many days with a cardigan or jacket over it (or shirt under it).

    • 18th August 2020 at 8:24 am

      Jodie thank you, you’re so right I can wear that dress with a jacket or long cardi or shirt, or tee!

      Yes, sleep! I’m on a sleep retraining programme – we’ll see what it does – eek!

      Have a lovely week and very best wishes to your mother 🙂

  • 19th August 2020 at 2:43 pm

    I enjoy the heat when I’m on holiday abroad but not when trying to work at home! Fortunately my fan made sure I slept OK.

    You have some great solutions for keeping cool clothes-wise, love the colour/pattern of the top with the black shorts.

    I gave my mum some CBD oil as she has problems sleeping — apparently it has really helped. I got it in Holland & Barrett, and it was their product that had the highest % of CBD.

    Great to see you at #WowOnWednesday.

    • 20th August 2020 at 10:14 am

      Heat is fine in the right place – like being near a swimming pool or on the beach. Mind you when I took a quick walk during those hot days I looked at everyone on the beach and it seemed pretty hot and unshaded – so I avoided!

      That top is such a favourite and I’ve hardly worn it. It keeps going though and I shall wear it for years to come.

      Will look for that oil, in the meantime my online sleep programme is really challenging – finding the restricted sleep a real trial. Have a great rest of the week and weekend 🙂

  • 19th August 2020 at 2:49 pm

    Great post Penny, some practical and helpful ideas here. I love the little gypsy skirt Hun. Jacqui x

    • 20th August 2020 at 10:15 am

      Thank you Jacqui! I shall be writing about the sleep re-training programme I’m on – it’s quite challenging!!!!

  • 19th August 2020 at 3:39 pm

    Hi Penny
    It has been hot here in the New York area this Summer but now we seem to be having a cool and rainy day. I was hoping to meet with a group of woman friends I met at the local library tonight and hoping it won’t be rained out. The library is closed but there is a park next to it and we planned to bring chairs that we could place at safe distance. We area group of retired, single, divorced or widowed, women with similar interests. As a group we had gone to local theater productions and other arts evens, out to dinner. I miss this in my life. I finished my self-quarantine a few days ago, so at least I can go about more freely now, even though there is not much to do. Trying to remain positive that there are better days ahead.

    • 20th August 2020 at 10:31 am

      It’s cooler here now and currently we have an Atlantic storm with several days of rain and wind – more to the west of the country and over Ireland. At the moment the sun has come out here in the south of England.

      I hope you got to meet with your friends – sounds a good group to be in 🙂 But I know what you mean about the weather, we’ve met family and people outdoors and with the cool weather and rain this week it’s a foretaste of Autumn and Winter and the curtailing of outdoor activities. Also I’m hoping to see our daughter and her family before my grandson goes back to school (it’s the beginning of September here). A bit anxious about whether the virus will return with a vengeance, or maybe not, because of the re-opening of schools. On the other hand they really need to be back to school. Like you trying to remain positive as eventually this will end, but I think there will be many more months of the ‘new normal’. So yes, be positive – but gosh it is hard at times. Take care and have a good weekend 🙂

    • 20th August 2020 at 10:34 am

      Oh wow Mireille, of course you are! I remember those days very well! It’s very disruptive to sleep. Take care and have a great rest of the week and weekend 🙂

  • 20th August 2020 at 1:32 am

    Hi Penny,
    I’m reading from the USA…find your blog so very interesting, especially to hear what’s going on in “your neck of the woods.” I won’t be reading your other blog since politics is not my thing; I enjoy reading your blog and fashion and decorating blogs. Your’s has so much common sense. Now, on the subject of sleep….I find that a warm cup of milk will help me sleep when I wake in the middle of the night. I don’t turn on any lights but walk into the kitchen in the dark but making sure I wear slippers so I don’t stub my toes! There’s enough light from the microwave/radio/cable box/outside street light/refrigerator light….I just fumble around, drink my milk, and quickly get myself back to bed so I can go into dreamland…it works about 95% of the time, rather than tossing/turning. You might want to try this; it helps babies sleep and me, too!

    • 20th August 2020 at 10:38 am

      Hi Margie! I am so delighted that you found the blog and like the content 🙂 So nice to get that feedback.

      I am not a fan of warmed milk but do, just like you, fumble my way to the kitchen and in the dark (with those lights) get some cold milk. It often works.

      Take care and thank you so much for your tip of the warmed milk – it may remind people to try this 🙂

  • 24th August 2020 at 7:31 am

    Try lying on your back, eyes closed, starting from your toes, tensing each muscle in turn for 3 seconds before releasing and moving on to the next muscle. Do this right up your body, including face, scalp and even finger muscles, Sleep will come ……………. worth a try …… works for me!

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