From some of the posts I’ve written you might assume that much of my wardrobe is full to bursting with multi-layered frilly skirts.  But, I’m ruthless at getting rid of things I don’t wear, so my clothes cupboard isn’t as jam-packed as you might think!  I’ve had a great time searching for (and wearing) this type of skirt, because they’re so unlike my working life gear.  Also, there’s an element of, well, frothy skirts are not what an older woman is expected to wear, so I jolly well will wear them.  And I can just about bring the frills off.

But recently I have been very influenced by what Claire Underwood (House of Cards) wears.  And yes, I have mentioned this before, and yes, I did write about it on Stylish Ole Woman’s blog, but I think my wardrobe is going to be tweaked somewhat this Spring which, of course, you can do if you’ve only spent about £3-£5 on a charity shop item.

Fashion is a funny thing and not to be taken seriously as Hadley Freeman has said in her usual eloquent way.  But looking through some of the high-end fashion journals it seems that whatever style takes your fancy could be on-trend.  For instance, there are still plenty of full skirts out there being promoted as adding elegance to your wardrobe.  And then there are pleated skirts, which apparently are huge on the high street.  Nope, can’t say I knew that.

shiny-skirt-webBut Red has a feature (both online and in its magazine) on ‘must buy’ statement skirts and these are different to the statement skirts I wrote about in August of last year.

Yes, these are shorter, more structured, more form-fitting and there’s a lovely, quite inexpensive silver skirt featured in the magazine, which is rather like one I picked up for £3.98 and worn a lot recently.

And Jess Cartner-Morley has written that it’s time to pimp your pencil skirt.  Yey, now that’s more like it!  You see Claire Underwood’s style is understated, yes, and to die for, yes, but it is also structured and form-fitting, and that’s the way I’m going with my wardrobe.

straight-skirt-web2Here’s a skirt I bought last week for under a fiver, and obviously influenced by the wonderful Claire. (I know she’s not real, but…)

And before you say, I can’t wear form-fitting dresses or skirts because of my age, or more critically, my size, I just want to say why not try a bit of structure and tailoring to a dress or a skirt.  A more form-fitting cut can tighten and define the silhouette and as a result slim it rather than (and this is heresy) that Judi Dench look of the flowing loose frocks which, seriously, although people may think it hides the figure, also thickens the outline of the body.   Instead, why not show your legs and your figure – you might be surprised how good you look!

On the other hand, don’t take any notice of what I’ve just said as I’d hate to serve up more rules for older women.  Read another piece on a website, supposedly for the over-60s, on how older women should wear age-appropriate, classic clothing and not dress young – oh, perlease!  No way (and my voice is rising at this point) because, people, this is just a step away from saying that dreaded phrase, Mutton dressed as…. and you know what I think about that!  No, as we age, We Wear. What. We. Like!

That’s all for now

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The Frugal Fashion Shopper

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