I have a lot of skirts – far more than dresses: mainly green and yellow for summer; brown, grey and black for winter.  They’re usually a bit frou-frou and flouncy, and on-the-knee.  My heart sank when I read somewhere that skirts were going down to mid-calf length – that seems a bit matronly to me.

Jess Cartner-Morley, no less, argues that to be fashionable we should be buying a ‘statement’ skirt.  At the bottom of her column, are four skirts: one for £47.00, Ok, that is about the price I found acceptable when I was working; one for £68, well, maybe; the third is for £128, er…..; and the fourth is £495, good grief!

My spend on a skirt is somewhat less.  In my home-town a skirt from a charity shop costs around £1.75, in a neighbouring town about £5.00 and in a nearby more prosperous (and quite fashionable) market town skirts come in at just under £10.

brown skirtLast Saturday I bought a brown double-layered Per Una skirt in tulle & rayon for only £3.80, which I will team up in the Autumn with a brown tweed jacket bought in March for just £8.99 – you can just get a glimpse of the back of the jacket at the end of Lorna’s film – and yes, the hemline of the skirt is mid-calf!

I’ve decided to customize the jacket with beads and bits of material, and there’s a brilliant article in this September’s Country Living* featuring Sarah Moore, who shows you how to do this, on practically an identical jacket!  My hair and skin suits the Autumnal colours of this combo, and I can’t wait for the weather and season to wear it.

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

 * Couldn’t find the link to the actual article but have given you the link to Sarah Moore’s website