I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I like to post on this blog around once a week. It’s a regular commitment and I kind of see it as my 3rd Age career. But I can’t help feeling that a proper journalist &/or blogger would’ve either written ahead or blogged about the cruise throughout the cruise! (Yes, I’m back on dry land from my trip to the Baltic States to humungous amounts of washing and some happy memories.)

But I didn’t do the writing because the packing took over.   And also I am the world’s worst traveller and I got quite anxious in the days beforehand. But as soon as we were picked up (from our door) all that stress fell away and my brain disengaged, so much so, that all I could think of was when was the next meal and where are we? If I have any criticism of cruising it’s that it can be a bit of a whistle-stop tour with a speedy series of visits to rather a lot of countries. Can’t wait to return to some of those cities (particularly Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki) at a more leisurely pace.

But back to work and I’m glad to report that Jess Cartner-Morley said recently that the ballerina pump is dead. Oh good, as I really hate the way that type of shoe falls off my thin feet. Actually, all she is saying is that the rounded toe of the ballerina pump is out and that we should go for a pointed toe instead – so not actually dead then!

Blue-green-dressMy favourite evening shoes have straps to keep them on. However, I did buy the most beautiful sparkly shoes with a teeny heel that were a bit of a disaster.

The colour is an exact match to a lovely teal charity shop Per Una outfit (seen here on the left) so it was a no-brainer to buy the shoes at £5.00 and they look gorgeous. But, oh blast, they didn’t grip my foot, so I couldn’t walk all that well in them. In fact I tottered & wobbled from cabin to dining-room and back, and all because the colours matched. Not a good thing to do, particularly if the sea is making the ship do a mild bit of a rolling – *sighs at self* again!


sparkly-green-shoes-webAnyway, I hope you can see from the pics that they are worth hanging on to, so I’m off to the cobblers to get some heel grips put in pronto!

That’s all for now.

With love


The Frugal Fashion Shopper



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