This is just a quick post to show you that I really do wear my hats out and about!  The photos were taken on Sunday in Brighton outside a pub where I had a typical English Sunday lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding!  And yes, I’m definitely over 25!


More like nearly 69!


There was a chilly wind so I put (my non-charity shop) tweed jacket back on.


As I don’t drink these pics are a good advertisement for a well-known American beverage.


I love the hat’s rakish angle – it certainly makes a statement, I think!

But that really is all for now

With love

Penny, the (not always) frugalfashionshopper

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One thought on “Out and about with my yellow hat!

  • 20th April 2015 at 2:37 pm

    Oh, what style!!! How warm was it in Brighton that day, Penny? I love the tweed jacket, and also the blouse you are wearing beneath…what is the material of your blouse?. I notice your scarf carries some of the yellow shades of your hat. Could you manage some questions? How far from Brighton do you live? How far from London? Do you find more successful frugal shopping in a larger or a smaller city/town? Your posts are always very welcome and appreciated, especially when you supply photos…. While we are very much more casual in general in Canada, you could wear this outfit in Victoria, the capital city of our province, British Columbia on Vancouver island, just off the very far west coast of this huge country, Victoria had a high percentage of English settlers, and while that has largely changed, the general air of the city is rather more English than any other Canadian city I know of. One last question, if you dont mind….what degree of latitude do you live in? Thanks very much for this post I suspect you felt very good, wearing it. You looked very stylish.

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