Now for a light hearted look at resolutions for myself in 2014.

Exercise Yes, exercise.  You know, there are times when I do more of this in my head than in reality!  I say I do yoga and the senior’s gym session once a week but last month I had a cold and hardly moved from my settee – for 3 weeks I just pottered around the house.  And there are other times when I simply don’t turn up at the gym.  This is not good – regular exercise is a must once one reaches the 65+ mark.  However, this is not a medical advice blog (!), and although there is the literature out there saying that exercise can prevent all sorts of things, do check with your doctor/GP that vigorous exercise is OK for you.   Anyway, I’m over the cold and re-started the gym and feel all the better for it.

Skin care This is not about my face and the stuff I put on it.  No, once upon a time I was a redhead (kind of blonde in the summer and auburn in the winter) which means I have a redhead’s pale skin, which is now increasingly thin and blueish particularly on/around my legs.  So I plan to research how not to let that type of skin deteriorate as i) I bruise easily and ii) I do not want to get leg ulcers.   I was a nurse once and know that is not something you want. Now, you might say, at this point, I don’t want to read about things like that in a fashion blog, but doing some groundwork on the later years, including how to look after delicate skin, is not a bad idea.  Accordingly, a future blog will tackle the thin skin situation.

Makeup But hey, I do love a bit of slap on my face – particularly eye makeup – so I’ll continue to get advice on how to look good into the late 60s and beyond without looking a complete clown.  Not that I care what people think, mind, but there is advice out there on appropriately applied makeup for older women which I shall definitely share with you. And while we’re at it I washed all my makeup brushes yesterday, which I know you all do but easy to let it slip!  Read Sali Hughes on her New Year’s resolutions – that’s one of them.

My December bargain Now, I have to tell you I was just wandering around a charity shop (not really looking for anything, you understand) when I came across a full-length (faux) fur coat.  People, I had to try it on.  Do you ever get that adrenaline rush when you find a charity shop bargain?  That was definitely one of those moments.

fur-coat-webNote that it looks vintage.  Invisible Woman has written on vintage clothes, about how their time has come, but I’m still not sure about vintage, mainly because some vintage shops seem to put astronomical prices on quite ordinary stuff.   However, vintage can be found in charity shops, like the Horrockes jacket I found last year.

And then there is this fur coat.  And what’s more it’s not going to sit in the back of my cupboard waiting for an occasion. I’ve already worn it to a night out in Hove, actually!  It felt fabulous and very much as though I was channeling Gloria Swanson, not bad for £20.00, I think!

That’s all for now

With love


The Frugal Fashion Shopper

P.S. Here’s Hadley with the last word on New Year’s resolutions – as ever, very funny.

P.P.S There are some good Vintage outlets, though.  Here’s one, called Lovely’s Vintage Emporium.   If you look at the site you’ll see there’s a yummy Missoni jumper for sale – very desirable.

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