How I shop Love the size you are.

This blog was going to be about ‘how I shop’ but instead I’m picking up on something I say in the great little film accompanying the blog (made by my very good friend, Lorna Easterbrook). Go straight to the film here or see the film at the bottom of the blog.  My message for my second blog is whatever your size, love the size you are and show yourself off.  Now, you might think, easy for someone like me, as I appear to be reasonably slim.  But my message is whatever your size, and particularly as we age, don’t hide yourself away under baggy clothing – fleeces, large blouses and wide, loose trousers – they can make you look bigger.

A key reason for saying wear tighter more form-fitting clothes with pride, whatever your size, is I’ve never forgotten my experience of looking at how French women wear their clothes.  Over 40 years ago, yes, that long ago, I was working as a nurse in Switzerland and living in the nurses’ accommodation.  There I saw the French and Swiss nurses stand in front of the full length mirror (in the communal area) taking in the seams of their newly bought trousers or jeans, sometimes just a fraction of an inch, simply to make them fit better.  And they weren’t all slim.  Furthermore, when they wore them, they didn’t wear a loose blouse covering up their rears, and I’m talking about the ones with the fuller figures, they walked with pride as if they owned the place.  At 20-something, coming from a rather self-effacing, ‘don’t show-yourself-off’ English upbringing I was amazed, awed, even, by their confidence.  But now, people, what is there to lose?

Pink trousersSome time ago I saw a comment (that I didn’t react to as I didn’t have the blog up and running) that no women over 50 should wear skinny jeans: excuse me, at 67 they are the only type of jeans I wear.  Here I am wearing some pink skinny jeans bought from Peacocks at around £10.00 – more than I usually spend on my clothes!

You don’t necessarily have to take any notice of what I say – always wear what you think is best for you.   But my message is that you can experiment with tighter fitting clothes by buying from charity shops.  So, go ahead treat yourself, be daring, show yourself off and wear it now – it might give you a lift for very little cash.

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

PS. Here is the link to a film that looks at my take on shopping in charity shops made by my very good friend Lorna Easterbrook. Incidentally it was made in March when it was freezing cold, hence the hat, scarf and long winter coat!

This is, by the way, an original production as Lorna used a brilliant technique of interview plus photo-montage and put it all together.  If you want to know more about the method she used, or how she uses this kind of film in her work with older people – or if you’d like to commission her to make a film for you! – go to this link ……. and you can ask for more details from Lorna directly.