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Despite Autumn clothes creeping into the shops we’re still having a great summer here in the UK.  There’s hardly any rain and the temperatures are a pretty standard 22-24C (71-75F) and the humidity is OK.  And I’ve been on the hunt for more dresses and outfits, because, you know what, I’m pretty good at throwing stuff out.  So I go looking for a particular dress, can’t find it, and then go, ‘oh blow, I got rid of it during a big purge last month’!

I don’t know about you, but if I had a choice my default clothing for summer would be skirts and/or dresses, as jeans (and any kind of slacks for that matter) are for colder weather, although I do have an old pair of jeans for the garden and housework (not that I do housework all that much!).  We’re not really a shorts nation although in this hot weather I have seen much younger women wearing the shortest of shorts out and about (like knickers, tbh) and thought, no, even if I was younger I wouldn’t be wearing them!

I found this skirt in my home town (price all of £2.50) and love the cotton coolness to it, and it’s just perfect for wearing around the house.


I love the pattern and it’s worn here with a casual and very cheap T-shirt from Peacock’s (not a high-end store).


Below is another recent find, a lovely dress with a Monsoon label (a middling-end High Street store) found in a neighbouring town’s charity shop at £4.99.


It’s not cotton and I’m having a think about it as it’s also a tad too big (UK size 16 rather than my usual 12).  I find sizes are just ridiculous.  Most of the time I’m a UK size 12, but then you try a dress on and it won’t even go over your head, or worse if it’s pair of jeans it won’t go over your thighs!

I think a belt might do it and I’ll try and find one in a lilac colour as I really love the design of the material.


Now here’s another dress I’m having a think about.



When I found it in a charity shop I just pounced on it as it is new and unworn and was only £3.99.  And you know me, I love an irregular and asymmetric skirt.  But on reflection I don’t think the hem works as it’s too short at the front.


I might try it with leggings or even tights – but on the day I took the pic it was too hot to wear anything on the legs.  Also I’m having a spray tan at a salon tomorrow.  I think it’s the contrast of the dark green against my pale legs that isn’t a good look.  So it won’t go into the charity shop sack that I always have at the back of my wardrobe quite yet, but it could do.

Some might think I’m wasting my money on clothes that I have second thoughts about, but seriously £3.99?  And it’ll go straight back to a charity shop, so they’re profiting from my indecision, which is great. And you see, my view is always try with clothes.  Don’t reject a style, always experiment, and then if it doesn’t work, if the dress is not quite right, at least you haven’t spent a fortune on it!

That’s all for now

With love

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper

P.S. And sharing as per usual with Catherine Summers and her weekly #iwillwearwhatilike session

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4 thoughts on “More hot weather clothes for our lovely summer

  • 29th August 2016 at 3:24 pm

    I love all of your outfits!
    I’ve recently been admiring these jumpsuits that are back in fashion, (I wore them in the 80’s) but thought not for me anymore. Anyway came across one in my local charity shop, M&S great condition & thought what have I got to lose for a couple of quid for charity!
    Well I was amazed not only is it comfy, cool but flattering as well, got loads of compliments.
    So very good point you made to always try things ,you just never know. Keep posting I love your blog x
    Ps I’m on the hunt for more jumpsuits now lol

    • 1st September 2016 at 7:02 am

      Yes, always try stuff and never say never – a jumpsuit! I remember those and loved them – must look out for one! Thank you so much for your comment Marian x

  • 30th August 2016 at 1:10 pm

    Oh, I especially like the asymmetrical black dress and what a deal! I am the same way about Summer. I love my white bags and am trying to wear them as much as I can. I am also thrift a lot. I make some of my clothes and then save up for some things from my local designers.

    • 1st September 2016 at 7:05 am

      Thrifting makes such sense doesn’t it, I mean if it isn’t quite right after you’ve bought it off it goes back to a charity shop so it’s a win-win! Yes, every year I like to buy one very good piece of clothing, which I justify by saying well I really haven’t spent much at all on my other clothing, sooooo….. !

      Thanks so much for your comment.

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