Hi everyone

Hope you’re continuing to be OK, safe and well. We’re fine and doing the same old stuff and just hanging in there until we get our vaccine, which in the UK seems to be a bit of a post-code lottery with some areas streets ahead in the numbers they’ve vaccinated. Indeed it’s been announced that these areas can now offer the vaccine to the over-70s. Hurrah, that’s my age group, but unfortunately, in our area vaccination has only just started. As in, no-one in this block of apartments has been vaccinated and there are several over-90s here who have heard nothing. Never mind, the process has begun, and that’s good. Btw, for those of you outside the UK, our vaccination programme follows strict guidelines from the government with the whole population categorised by age and vulnerability, and we wait our ‘turn’ as each category and age group is vaccinated. I think that’s very fair and I give huge thanks to our NHS for organising this.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, and here’s hoping for a slightly more normal life in a few weeks times, as I totally understand we can’t go charging off doing everything we ever did before. Apparently one should behave as though you haven’t been vaccinated, but at least I will feel more confident about going into our local shops (with a mask) and being slightly more sociable than before, which will be fab. And if I’ve told you for the umpteenth time that I am looking forward to going to places like the opticians (more Prue Leith type glasses, I think, yay), the beauticians, oh my word, am I in need of a few treatments (!) and the dentist, you’d be right, particularly about the latter, because I don’t mind admitting I shall just leap with joy when I get to the dentist for a clean (double yay) and then having that assessment for the serious dental work that I need. For those of you outside the UK, of course, we can do none of these things at the moment while we are in lockdown. And long may that continue as we need to drive those numbers down.

To be honest, I feel it’s like we’re all living through a ground-hog day sort of time, because despite my really good routine, the life I’m living is getting a tad boring. And yes, of course, I could change my routine and I do, as I don’t write every single morning as there’s always a twice-weekly live (via Zoom) Pilates session, which I look forward to.  And I occasionally change the time of my walk. But last week I felt I really needed to do something different, so, people, I wore a slightly different look, which cheered me up a lot!

Here’s an example of the clothes and the look that I have worn through the past months.

The look has always included a skirt (usually wool but this is a heavy denim) then leggings, plus a wool sweater worn over a long sleeved cotton top, and of course, thick socks and boots worn indoors. There are several variations of that look, with different skirts (but not the quirky ones – they’re for going out and about in the city centre and London, and evenings out and, you know, all the things we can’t do) and of course, different wool sweaters. Anyway last week we had slightly warmer temperatures so as I hadn’t worn my jeans for some time I got them out and began to look at how I could wear them.

First of all, I tried the black wide-leg jeans I bought from Mango last year with a new M&S yellow top, the colour of which I think is really cheerful. I do love wearing yellow!

Here it is again with a charity shop cardigan bought from Emmaus just before Christmas.

The wide legs are fine, but actually they’ll be freezing to wear outside for my daily walk, so they’ll need a thin pair of tights underneath. The thing I don’t like about this pair of jeans is that the material is exactly the type that attracts every mote of dust and fluff you can imagine – not sure about them, tbh. And I have a confession, they were bought last year and I have never worn them, and will I? Really not sure – it’s the fluff and bits that get on them that’s so annoying.

Then there’s another Mango pair of jeans, which I am wearing right now as I write this post 🙂

I rather like the colour of them and they’re made from a lovely velvety corduroy, and I do like the combo of the yellow with the brown, so yes, these I will keep and wear albeit wearing tights underneath for a walk outside in the cold breezy sea air.

But you know, it’s skinny jeans I love best.

This is my very old pair of Peacock’s skinnies, which have some sequins studded throughout the legs, worn with an M&S cotton top and a newly bought hand-knit wool cross-over cardi, which has long tie-backs.

Gosh, I can see I’m a bit lopsided. There was a time that this tilt to the right was very, very noticeable and I was stuck in that crooked stance for a couple of hours every morning – mostly gone now with the help of Pilates. How I love this form of exercise, which helps the core to increase its strength and therefore – you stand up straight! Anyway, these jeans will be much warmer for the walk we take each day!

And shall I get my hair cut?  Hmm, not been to the hairdresser for over a year. They’re all closed now, but when…. shall I? I haven’t made my mind up yet. The thing is I’m not all that good at putting it ‘up’ so I might have a couple of inches off just to make it more manageable.

And finally I found a photo of me wearing my very old cardigan at the time I bought it!

It’s still going strong 50 years later!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my thoughts about my father’s writing and my parents’ wedding. I might do something like this every now and then – watch this space 🙂

That’s all for now, keep warm and well

With love, Penny, the Frugalfashionshopper 

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41 thoughts on “Lockdown winter wear – time for something different!

  • 19th January 2021 at 9:40 am

    Thanks for this post; it really cheered me up. As you say, things have got very boring now, and in our area we’re still waiting on the over 80 s group to be vaccinated. Still it is actually happening and I’m very thankful for that. I love the yellow tops, both of them are so cheerful. I like the trousers too, especially the cords, but re the black ones is there an anti static conditioner you could use. Attracting every bit of dust is so irritating- I know,
    I‘ve got clothes that do it too; especially when you buy them for their black elegance and they end up looking like dusters. I should wear my skirts more. I need more full length ones as my legs aren’t up to much airing these days. Thanks again for the cheery and relevant posts – such fun to read in the days of gloom.

    • 20th January 2021 at 8:45 am

      Hi Trish and good to know it cheered you up! The colour of the yellow tops helps, and I’m trying, like the entire population of the UK, to be positive. And, the process of vaccination has begun and that’s good, we just have to be patient.

      I shall investigate if I can get an anti-static conditioner, but as it happens so frequently with black jeans and trousers you’d think the manufacturers would think of ways around this problem?

      Thanks again Trish, stay safe 🙂

  • 19th January 2021 at 9:42 am

    Ooh just to add, I love the hair. Wish mine was so thick! And congratulations to the cardi for being a survivor from the 70s.

    • 20th January 2021 at 8:47 am

      Ah, thanks so much re: the hair, which is courtesy of my mother who had thick hair the whole of her life – if it’s any consolation, there is a penalty for that you know……. 😉

      • 20th January 2021 at 9:14 am

        Hi Penny, If it’s the problem of ‘superfluous’ hair- I know what you mean 😉 Sadly I have that too….just not on my head! 😄 Wishing you all the best, and a speedy vaccination ( will that become the new farewell I wonder? ) I know I’m in a privileged position being old and not having to try to work either from or away from home, but I do long to be able to see my family again – all at various far distances from me. Anyway as you say, chin up and wear bright clothes to cheer ourselves up. Hopefully not too long to go.

  • 19th January 2021 at 10:30 am

    I always love our posts, Penny, so thought I’d better say so! Yellow looks great on you, but the nearest cheerful colour I can wear is bright orangy peach. I have a charity shop M&S flared cashmere jumper in that colour, and an old Boden needlecord skirt (old as in about 10 years) which I bought new and kept because it’s cheerful – fortunately it almost matches the jumper. Good for warmth and for lifting the spirits. need more!
    Our house is cold in the winter despite central heating – the kitchen has 2 1/2 outside walls plus some roof of its own, plus an open catflap space because our current cat, being a rescue, has never learnt to use it and the previous cat was a biggie so we had the hole made larger for him. Ah well, time for cashmere. When I was working regularly in London M&S had a wonderful couple of cashmere seasons, so I bought a number of jumpers and also picked up some printed M&S cardis on ebay. Those plus 4 pairs of Lands End mock-cord leggings (different colours, bought new but now ageing) work a treat. Leo and I both dress carefully as far as colour combos go, just as we would if we were going anywhere. A touch of normality still goes on!
    lots of love – keep the blog coming!

    • 20th January 2021 at 9:00 am

      Hi Wendy and thank you so much! Yes, I have ‘warm’ colouring and indeed after stopping 20yrs of dyeing the hair I can now see plenty of red hairs have come back – why I ever….. Anyway that’s why I suit yellow, but the orange peach sounds nice – I must see it on you one day!

      Ah we have similar abodes what with the windows and balcony doors making our corner top flat freezing despite the heating being on full blast. Ah ha – you have cashmere jumpers. I have one (charity shopped) and as it was so lovely to wear through our last cold weather, I will get another I think from M&S, or shall I look in eBay? Yes, I think I will, thanks and stay safe in these challenging times x

  • 19th January 2021 at 11:05 am

    No don’t cut it! It’s beautiful. Just Google and You tube hair tutorials and find some good ways to do your hair up! I need a haircut too but even more my roots done. Well roots…..its much more then only roots by now! Stay save dear friend!

    • 20th January 2021 at 8:51 am

      Thanks Nancy for that tip of looking on Youtube as I hadn’t thought of that.

      I might just go and have the ends cut and for a little layered bit one side of my face. I had that done last time I went (October 2019!) and it’s grown out.

      You stay safe too Nancy, and one day……. xxx

  • 19th January 2021 at 11:27 am

    Thanks for cheerful post Penny. yellow is a great colour if you can wear it, as you obviously can. I like the outfit with the black and white cardi over it. We rented a house 40 + years ago with a dark dingy kitchen so we painted canary yellow to brighten it up.
    As you say it’s all a bit boring now. I just hate wasting time when I could be out having new experiences and meeting new people. Every night I think ‘Well, that’s another day I won’t be getting back’. We did have a nice walk with a neighbour last week which made a change. We are lucky to have countryside on our doorstep but the mud is awful, so slippery. I need to get some better boots when I can get back to a shop to try them on.
    I had my hair cut in November but of course next appointment cancelled. You are so lucky to have such thick hair, mine’s very fine and is getting thinner. I’ve been keeping up with the slap on every day and painting my nails. I did have a bit of a dip a couple of weeks ago when I could not be bothered but I dragged myself up again.
    Vaccinations seem to be going well here – my other neighbour as 80 on Xmas Eve and has had her first jab. It’s worrying that there is a lot of what is being described as ‘vaccine hesitancy’ among some of the poorest and most vulnerable people. Young women appear to have fallen for a disgraceful rumour that it can affect fertility. As they make up the bulk of health & social care staff this is doubly concerning. The Govt. needs to get an information and support campaign going fronted by people the potential ‘refusenics’ trust, not anyone associated with their mismanagement of the crisis.
    I went to the dentist in December & everything was fine. One week later a filling fell out so I’ll have to go back! Aren’t teeth a problem when you get older? It reminds me of Pam Ayres poem ‘I wish I’d looked after my teeth’ – I do too.
    Love that photo of you on the tricycle – where were you at the time? Your shoes reminded me of ones I had with ‘snaffle’ bars on the front. Oh how I’ve loved shoes, I had some fab ones which I wish I’d photographed before they were discarded. I still have high heels for occasional evening wear but the rest put comfort and practicality first. Sigh…………………….!

    • 20th January 2021 at 9:18 am

      Hi Lynda! Well the thing is I never used to like yellow, but I grant you it suits me now, but in the past we did do a lot of walls in yellow, and sometimes we put on the wrong shade of yellow! I remember doing a hall with a particular shade of bilious yellow that was actually hideous – big mistake!

      I could do with going to a slightly more deserted area of the UK for my walk as some days the prom gets quite crowded, as you would expect really, but, you know, I’m holding out for March and April when we can go further afield.

      As you know I’ve kept away from all services such as hairdressers and the like, and it will be great to go to them once…. I’m desperately in need of two veneers for my front teeth and was going to have those at the beginning of 2020 before the year went pear-shaped! And yes, the vaccines are beginning and I’m starting to hear of older people I know getting a jab, but not in this block of flats as yet – so it’s really slow here. And now apparently there’s a supply issue – hmmm.

      The photo was taken in Riccione, a seaside resort next to Rimini, Italy. I went there by train from Switzerland where I was working as a nurse in a Swiss psychiatric hospital – oh my word, the folly of youth – the tales I could tell about nursing there, and maybe I will! Actually the train journey was amazing – I love trains and hope to do some more of those when…. And yes, look at those shoes – they’d be considered vintage now, like the wearer!

      Thanks Lynda – have a good week 🙂

  • 19th January 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Hello, Penny

    Very nice outfits, especially the gold cardi and chestnut trousers. I still dream of finding THE pair of slim-Jim jeans that will cling nicely to my legs but be flexible enough to allow for a waist with a mind of its own: reasonable once in a blue moon and a chunky thug the other 364 days of the year!

    Our hair is similar although yours looks thicker. I had a couple of inches lopped off inbetween lockdowns as too-long put-up hair can be hard to do. I can’t even blow-dry, I’m so useless, so on ‘high up’ days I just sweep it it up and back – or even back and up! – swirling it round two or three fingers as I do, and and catch it with a big butterfly clip – very lady writer! Or, just use a scrunchie! Simples!

    Penny, your dentist should be open – I went for a thorough check up last week, no problem.

    Take care


    • 20th January 2021 at 9:52 am

      I find the M&S jeans very forgiving they have something called ‘elastane’ in them and if you can’t wear skinnies the next best thing are the straight mom jeans like these https://www.marksandspencer.com/sienna-high-waisted-straight-leg-jeans/p/clp60458413?color=DARKINDIGO

      I have several of this brand.

      And yes, I expect my dentist is open, but Zepherine I have been extra cautious ever since my earlier illness. I know it might be a little over the top, but I did ring my dentist last year and he actually said, stay away until the risk level is down to Level 2 . It never got to that level and I believe it is now at Level 5, so I await the vaccine and one day, Zepherine we will be free(er). Sigh, one day. Actually on BBC Sounds I’ve been catching up listening to episodes of How To Vaccinate the World. It’s been very interesting and really, quite positive – highly recommend.

      You take care too 🙂

      • 22nd January 2021 at 9:45 am

        Thank you so much for the M&S link, Penny, my waist and I are very grateful!
        Speed the day you get a dental appointment. I don’t blame you at all for being extra careful.
        Roll on yout next post!
        Z 🙋

  • 19th January 2021 at 2:17 pm

    Oh Penny, how lovely to see you in your yellow, it has brightened my snowy morning here in Toronto. I love yellow, but look awful in it, I have a bright yellow purse which I consider a neutral, so it goes with everything. I too have similar black pants from Joe Fresh, so I bought a mini sticky lint roller, so I could just keep it in my purse, not that I’m going anywhere! We like you, are in complete lockdown, which became more restrictive from last week. We are not even allowed to have bubbles now.
    Very jealous that you might be getting a vaccine soon, Canada is behind the eight ball, as we have run low on vaccines, and so I don’t expect to get mine
    until maybe May or June.
    Our winter is so long, that the thought of being housebound so long fills me with gloom, our ski hills are closed and skating time has to be booked in advance in 1 hour slots.
    So, I am wearing bright colours, pink and orange to cheer my days, we have had some bright sunny days, what a difference the sunshine makes.
    Keep your hair long, it looks amazing, I have been putting mine up in a banana clip, for a more sophisticated pony tail, I love the look, just am having trouble finding banana clips.
    Stay safe and well,

    • 20th January 2021 at 11:22 am

      Thanks Geri, I will keep the hair long but have the ends trimmed when we’re able to go again – they’re all shut now. Our lockdown will continue until March I reckon although there are still some idiots (including some in Parliament) who want the ‘freedom’ of a reduction in lockdown. Actually this lockdown isn’t as severe as the first one and traffic is almost as normal but anyone with any sense can see from the stats that the two freedom-loving and libertarian world leaders have led these two countries to a disaster – the UK has the world’s worst number of deaths per million and the government won’t own it. End of rant of the day!!

      Actually I try to read as much about culture and literature as I can and there are some positives including the vaccination programme. But there are some supply issues here as well, and I’m listening to a very good programme on the BBC How to Vaccinate the World and really the whole world has to be vaccinated before we have real freedom from the virus – nevertheless the episodes are fascinating. Can you get BBC programmes in Canada – there’s an app that works for the UK but not sure if it goes further.

      Well, Geri, there is light and positivity coming. Stay sane and well – and thanks for reading me, much appreciate 🙂

  • 19th January 2021 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Penny,
    I too love skinny jeans and wear them most days.
    I haven’t been to the hairdresser since March last year. I’ve managed to cut it myself, it’s not very accurate but I tie it back mostly in a ponytail so you can’t see the unevenness !
    I’ve decided to never have it coloured again as it’s very time consuming and the smells in the hairdressers exacerbates my cough!!
    Plus when I tie it back, especially in hot weather it seems to keep me cooler being off my neck!
    Thank you Penny for your interesting posts, I love the yellow by the way
    Love Viv

    • 20th January 2021 at 11:26 am

      Hi Viv, yes, I wonder now why I dyed my hair for so long, it seemed necessary at the time, but the hair colour now is a mixture of white and my original colour, which is quite interesting, and yes, and not only are we saving time we are saving money!

      Thank you for reading, this Viv and have a good rest of the week 🙂

  • 19th January 2021 at 4:16 pm

    Oh no! Somehow I missed a post with your father’s writing and about their wedding. How can I find it?

    • 19th January 2021 at 5:15 pm

      No worries. That’s all in last week’s blog post. Just go to the bottom of the post and click on This and that and a coat etc…….


  • 19th January 2021 at 5:13 pm

    Hello Penny, You wear mustard and warm brown tones so well. About a year ago, this curvy girl tried skinny jeans after finding the right brand. Smart layering has obviously got you warmly covered for your British winter. Here in Vancouver I am actually spying daffodil sprouts and tree buds so spring is just around the corner!!! Judy

    • 20th January 2021 at 11:36 am

      Yes, the colours I was wearing in the photo seem more Autumnal don’t they but yes, I have warm colouring. Bet you look good in your skinnies!

      We’ve also got some daffodils coming out – let’s salute the coming of Spring! Like you I love seeing the buds and the daffodils blooming. Take care Judy x

  • 19th January 2021 at 5:23 pm

    Love your blog and your photos are very nice!
    I think a lot of us have gotten a bit down during this last lockdown. I am normally fairly upbeat and a “glass half full” type of person but for nearly two weeks I felt very flat.
    I really like skirts. I wear trousers most of the time and I find that Debenhams chinos fit me well. I have several colours, teal, navy, maroon, khaki, bottle green etc and several toning/matching/contrasting t-shirts an tunic tops which I find very comfy. Skirts make one feel elegant and feminine but I find it very hard to find good skirts that I like anywhere.
    Keep the blog coming.
    Thank you, Sandra Lawrence

    • 20th January 2021 at 11:40 am

      Thank you Sandra, and I am totally with you on this as I think a lot of us are feeling that flatness and let down from the first days of the new year. Like you I’m usually very much a ‘glass half full’ kind of person but at this moment? Not so much. But we will get there.

      Yes, I’m always on the lookout for a good skirt! Haven’t tried the Debenhams chinos, but I do look every now and then at the M&S website – their prices are very reasonable too.

      I will keep the blog going – thanks so much Sandra. Take care 🙂

  • 19th January 2021 at 11:28 pm

    HI Penny. You look very well in those cherry yellow shades. for some reason I never have worn much yellow or warm colors. although years ago I did have a yellow pleated skirt and a matching sweater and I did get complements, so perhaps I ought to reconsider. I have no idea of when I might be getting my vaccine. there are supposedly two sites locally. the main one is booked through April and when contacted the other, more convenient to me, had no idea of when they would begin inoculating. I am hoping that with the change in administration things might move a bit more quickly. Speaking of which I am waiting with baited breath for the transition, hoping it goes off without more mayhem. Two small but welcome changes here. My learning in retirement group has started a weekly lecture for the next 4 weeks. actually 2 lectures, one on the development of medicine, very timely, and another on the arts. Today was a presentation on native American dances. I will have to miss one as I told a friend I would go with her to a medical appointment. nevertheless it is good to get out and dress up a bit and stretch your mind. the other development is that my favorite Yoga teacher has gone back to offering, small, distanced and masked classes. I have taken two so far, she is doing them in series of 4. I try do do yoga on my own but the class is a welcome challenge. the classes are held in a beautiful site, a stone copy of a French chateau set on the water. I want to walk the grounds there weather permitting, they have a meditation garden and a labarenth. So here’s to a better future on both sides of the pond!

    • 20th January 2021 at 12:00 pm

      Hi Darby, yes, knowing your colours is important and maybe yellow is a colour you can wear, but I’ve never taken a colour course so am not totally sure of that. I now know that I’m warm because I cannot wear some blues which drain me of all colour. If you can wear navy and that darker kind of blue then you are cool, which you are anyway, Darby 😉

      Oh my word, Darby I’m anxious for you and the whole nation. I’m currently reading a very long article in The New Yorker about the mayhem in the Capitol, only half way through, but it is clear that the insurgents live in an alternate reality. Now the leaders of these people including Trump, are they aware of what they’re doing? They have to be to a certain extent, I mean maybe not Trump who quite obviously has a severe personality disorder, but then again why do the followers feel the way the do? It is interesting, as it has obviously given these people meaning and a role to fulfil. I shall continue to ponder this, but easy for me to do so, as I’m somewhat removed. But like you, I shall be pleased when the Inauguration is done.

      So good to hear of the positive things you are doing – the lectures and the yoga. I know how good doing a class can be and my Pilates keeps me sane as well as fitter, although I could do with a few more walks in the countryside – but we can’t travel now so that will have to wait.

      Meanwhile there is a positive with the vaccination programs taking place although of course we be should aware that not much is happening in 3rd world countries so even though it’s slow where I live and even slower for you, it will happen. But the whole world needs to be vaccinated so that’s the real goal and I hope Biden takes note of that as well. I think he will, I’m very impressed by the way he speaks. Onwards and upwards for your country and you, Darby, take care 🙂

  • 20th January 2021 at 7:28 am

    Thanks for another cheery post Penny- we should all be wearing more yellow, it’s such a happy colour! I’m also looking forward to going to the dentist! I haven’t been for more than a year. I prefer the dentist to most salon beauty treatments because you don’t have to do all that inane small talk!
    Had an email from our local council saying they’re now starting on the over 70s vaccinations. I was surprised because we’re in a London borough and the papers said London was behind. John, at 65, is hopeful he may get his jab by the beginning of March.

    • 20th January 2021 at 12:08 pm

      Well, of course, I’m trying to be cheerful and mostly achieving some cheerfulness but my word it is challenging at the moment!

      Also good to hear (although it’s not really good) of someone else who has not gone to the dentist for more than a year. My dentist actually told me to stay away! So as soon as I hear that I’m getting vaccinated I shall make an appointment with the dentist for 3 weeks after that first jab – heard nothing yet but neither have any over-80s here in this block of flats. I actually needs 2 veneers, but nothing else, I don’t have any problems, thank goodness, it’s just cosmetic, these teeth are practically transparent and brown – sorry, that’s probably too much information!!!!

      Fingers crossed for John and everyone else!!! Have a good rest of the week x

  • 20th January 2021 at 8:24 am

    Penny these are all lovely outfits. I’m envious of your yellow sweaters. I need a couple of yellow tops and I’m having a time finding much in yellow. While there are variations among the states, our vaccinations were first set up to vaccinate the first responders, but my mom, who is 75 has an appointment for her vaccine February 4th. I’m really quite overjoyed about it.

    Stay safe, dear lady!


    • 20th January 2021 at 12:23 pm

      Thank you Michelle and yellow is such a cheerful colour, so I was glad to find the new thin cardigan.

      I really like the fact that the programme in the US has begun with first responders, which is how it should be. Here in the UK the whole programme is patchy and very much dominated by age, with all over-80s being targeted now and done hopefully by the end the month. And then it will be the turn of the over-75s and then the over-70s. They were hoping that these age categories will be done by mid-February but not holding my breath as there are some supply issues to get over. The Pfizer vaccines are coming from Belgium, where there are some production line issues, meanwhile the Oxford vaccines are building up their production lines but are not at full speed yet, so that’s why I don’t see us over-70s being done by mid-Feb, more like end of February I think.

      As for our first-responders, I live near our main hospital and for some time now I see young first-responders, outside an outpatients department, queueing up for their jab. I always feel like giving them three cheers and a thumbs up when I pass by. It is happening – yay!

      You stay safe too, Michelle and thank you so much for commenting 🙂

  • 21st January 2021 at 10:53 am

    Hopefully the vaccines will be rolled out in your area soon. Our government has announced they will start here in mid February for health care workers .
    Yellow certainly is your colour Penny and you do suit those skinny jeans.
    You are so fortunate to have such beautiful thick hair. I can see it styled up too.
    Take care Penny.

    • 22nd January 2021 at 8:19 am

      Thank you Jill, yes, it’s good to hear your government has begun the vaccination programme. Our county of East Sussex, which has a huge proportion of older people (who retire by the sea), is the fourth in the country for the lowest number of vaccinations. It is frustrating. But on the other hand, we do know it has begun so onwards towards the light!

      Thanks re: the hair. Having heard some of the comments which are helpful, I won’t cut it – I’ll just get the ends trimmed.

      You take care too, Jill x

  • 21st January 2021 at 11:40 am

    These looks are all fabulous! I received a super mustard and grey jumper for Christmas and can’t wait to style it. Thanks for joining my #linkup today. x

    • 22nd January 2021 at 8:20 am

      Thanks Jacqui! And thank you for hosting the linkup x

  • 21st January 2021 at 4:28 pm

    That is a wonderful of you wearing that cardigan! 50 years strong! I am loving all of the bright yellow you wore last week. I do like to change it up depending on my mood, brights some days, neutrals another. I have been doing some nice progress organizing my home and getting rid of more stuff and having fun trying a few new things in the kitchen: today, a zuchini squash strata! Hope the kids and hubby like it or I will share with my neighbor friend.

    • 22nd January 2021 at 8:24 am

      Oooh, the zucchini and squash strata sounds interesting and must be delicious. Take care and thank you for commenting 🙂

  • 21st January 2021 at 11:06 pm

    I think the yellow cardi looks fabulous, as does your long hair!

    • 22nd January 2021 at 8:24 am

      Thank you so much June!

    • 22nd January 2021 at 8:25 am

      Thank you! That cardigan is amazing – I don’t know why it’s lasted that long, but it has!

  • 25th January 2021 at 7:39 pm

    Love the yellow!😍

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