As promised I’m commenting on the kilt.  I’ve just watched Jess Cartner-Morley’s video on kilts and she’s made some useful comments on how to wear them this season.  Kilts, she says, are very much about wearing a statement skirt but they can also be a bit punk, a bit St.Trinians – OK, that’s interesting.  (Actually, before I move on, for those of you reading this blog outside the UK, St Trinians is a fictitious girls’ school that featured in a series of 50s films whose older pupils invariably wore short-skirted school uniforms.)

Perhaps, the most useful thing Jess Cartner-Morley says is that kilts usually have three elements:

i) pleats, ii) a buckle and of course, iii) tartan.   And what you should do is take at least one of those away, so that the skirt is not such an in-your-face ‘proper’ kilt.

The video then goes on to show several mouth-watering kilts, as in lovely to look at, but oh dear the prices: a Versace for £895, a JW Anderson for £385, a Karen Millen for £99, better.  The cheapest is an Asos for £30, but tiny, as in sooo very, very short. To be fair, the Guardian website also shows a gallery of high street priced kilts for those of us who can’t afford the designer prices.

jacket-&-skirt-20smHowever, here is my attempt at ‘the kilt’ with, two of those elements missing.  It’s in a kind of a tartan and has a frilly underskirt, plus what you might call, bo-peep pockets. Made by Per Una it was bought for £7.00 in a town near where I live.  Here it is matched up with my favourite jacket.

That’s all for now, but coming up next is my look at ageism in the high-end glossy magazines.

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

P.S.   Did you know it’s British Wool week this week.  Wool, I just love it, so there will be a blog on woolly jumpers, but later on in the winter.

P.P.S And finally Hadley Freeman has just had the last word on the pink coat – very funny.