Hello again and thank you for making the last two posts the most read ever!  And not too difficult to see why, as hair can be a fraught issue at any age.

This third post on hair is on tips for hair removal.  Someone suggested I might do that and I’m delighted to share my decades-long experience, but note I’m not an expert in this field, hence the shortness of this post and the brevity under some headings.  And, also note that I’m not really talking about hair removal for vanity and societal reasons,  as in “I’d like smoother legs” or “Shall I shave my armpits?  Yes, why not.

You could have a huge debate, right here and now about society’s view on women and hairlessness, and is it a patriarchal conspiracy that we’ve all fallen for?  You know how it goes.  No, I’m posting about excess hair and how to remove it.  But, I am not, in any way, giving medical advice.  There are many reasons for excess hair of which some are medical, and if in any doubt about this hair, go to your general or medical practitioner. And only go and get help from wherever because it’s your decision not because of anyone including me giving you ‘helpful’ advice as I know from experience it often isn’t helpful.

However, if either, like me, you have had a lot of hair from the word go or, only just now as you approach your 60s and 70s are you seeing a few hairs where they shouldn’t be, let’s have a look at:

Removal of hair on the face

Tweezers I’m not keen on tweezers as these implements remove hair but do nothing about the root.  Use them by all means, but I wish I’d listened to my mother.

Hair removal cremes Never used them – they’re chemicals so I’d be, and have been, a bit wary of using these.

Waxing (on the face) Ooh, no, don’t.

Threading & sugaring?  Not sure, never used these methods.

Electrolysis Well this is the method I’ve been using for decades, so that must mean it doesn’t actually work?  First of all, when I started electrolysis the hairs on my chin were dark and really, really strong.  And it worked, bringing them back to softer paler hairs.  But they still grew longer and ever so slightly darker than the face fluff and stuck out at right angles, so I’ve carried on having top-ups for those hairs for years.  And this is what has suited me.

If you choose this method and yes, it’s a bit painful (not overly, but a sharp pricking feeling nevertheless), remember to use your common-sense, as in, go only to a beautician who knows what she’s doing.  Ask yourself is this salon professionally run, is it well-known, has it been recommended to you, where is it situated, does it have a lot of clients?  Do investigate and do your research first.   And then ask for a free consultation.   And always ask for their most experienced practitioner as there are always newbies who aren’t quite up to speed.   I can tell instantly how experienced a practitioner is, but you might not, so ask for their best.  And note that anything I say here is not a recommendation – please do only what suits you and your needs, and your pocket as I’ve obvs spent buckets of cash on this.  So what I’m saying is choose a salon wisely.

Lasers Don’t know much about this method, tbh.  It might suit some people.

And last of all, you can’t do anything about hairs coming from moles or other benign growths (I have one on my neck).  The whole thing would have to be surgically removed and beauticians never touch those hairs.

Removal of hair on the legs

Cremes Never used these on my legs

Sugaring Ditto

Electrolysis I believe some people have used this method, but it would be hugely expensive

Lasering Ditto

Shaving I would imagine that this is the method that most women use – didn’t work for me, though.

Waxing This is the method I’ve used.  But note I’ve always had it done by an expert, by a beautician.  I wouldn’t ever aim to do it myself.  Just think about it.  Could you get the wax the right temperature?  Could you rip it off as they do?  Ooof, I couldn’t!

I’m sure I’ve missed out on a couple of methods and there are always miracle cures being sold somewhere, but hope this is helpful.

With love

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper

P.S. Back to (frugal) clothes in my next post, which is coming out shortly!



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2 thoughts on “Hair Part III Tips to remove that unwanted hair

  • 29th March 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Great fun to read ! Everyone has some sort of hair removal proceedure… and it’s interesting to see what others do. I’ve tried them all, from tweezers, razors, scissors, lazers and wax! Evan had a Brazilian once! Very cool !!!

    • 30th March 2016 at 8:13 am

      Hi Rachel. It’s been great to be in contact with women who’ve had the same problem – when I was going through it in my early 20s I felt really alone. In fact I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and her experience with lazers was good and it worked for her. And I think if I’d had the problem say 15 years ago rather than 30+ years I would have probably done the same has her and bought some lazer treatments or at least had a consultation. Waxing is OK by me though but never gone as far as a Brazilian – wow! x

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