I packed far too many clothes for that cruise. Seriously, I could have taken fewer evening outfits, and as for my day clothes, well, the colours oscillated from that in-your-face yellow cardigan and scarf (which looked good) to pink trousers and a green t-shirt (never wore it). When going on holiday, the saying goes, take double the money and half the clothes – yup, that just about sums up what I should have done.

But I’ve just come back from a week away, and this time I took a capsule wardrobe of three pairs of jeans (all from Primark) in black, grey and pink, plus a variety of tops and one statement outfit (for a conference) that fitted nicely into a small suitcase – was proud of myself!

Grey’s an interesting colour. Jess Cartner-Morley says that grey is often associated with the colour of one’s underwear after a lot of washes. You know, that dull dishwater, off-white colour. But grey clothes can look stunning. You know I love the way Claire Underwood dresses with that muted palette of grey, blue and black clothing, which is to die for – can’t wait for the next series of House of Cards. But grey can also look good on the older woman especially against our ageing and paler skin. And it can also look good with both grey hair and the blonde colour that I, and so many others use for our greying locks. Yes, I know I could go white, but that’s a debate for another time! And if you think grey is too leaden a colour for you to wear, think of the variety of grey colours there are, and, perhaps even see silver as a possibility for you.

No need to spend £300 or so on a cashmere top, though. Here’s some suggestions for wearing grey from the High Street and my favourite autumn/winter top is a grey cashmere jumper bought from a charity shop three years ago for just £5.00! What I will be looking out for, however, is a grey coat similar to one that features in the Cartner-Morley video. But more about coats and winter wear later this year.

jacket-&-skirt-webAnd, last but not least, I’ve just read in the latest Vogue issue that one should forget frou-frou and go urban edgy. OK, I could go for that but, oops sorry, couldn’t resist this frothy skirt bought last week, not in a charity shop, but in a sale for just over £10.00 in, you note, grey, teamed here with my favourite jacket.

That’s all for now

With love

Penny, The Frugal Fashion Shopper


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2 thoughts on “Grey for the autumn – why not try this excellent colour

  • 10th September 2014 at 3:41 pm

    I love grey, in clothes and even in decor. A friend of mine with wonderful taste painted below his dining room wainscoting medium grey and above, light grey. It looks gorgeous.

    Grey looks very good against my brown skin. I have clothes in grey so pale that it can look almost white, all the way to dark grey, the color or the ocean on a stormy day. I can pair some of the greys together, but not others, since grey can tend towards lavender, green, black, or even beige.

    Regarding your cruise outfits, did you find you have to dress for air conditioning, regular daytime summer weather, and cool evenings? I find the climate changes on vacations can be a fashion challenge, but one that I love.

    I adore your grey outfit in the photo, by the way, Penny—regardless of what Vogue says about frou frou.

    • 12th September 2014 at 8:33 am

      Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, grey is great as a colour but one that I never wore when I was younger and yes, you’re right it can be teamed with other colours like pink and black. Also agree about grey looking wonderful as part of your home decor.

      Now re: air conditioning. We don’t have a lot of that here in the UK apart that is from supermarkets, which are a shock to the system on a hot day. Here we never think of our climate as being particularly hot or particularly cold and then we don’t cope at all well when it does get hot!!!! And the Saga cruise ships are British ships with 90% Brits on board and again there’s not a lot of air conditioning. Yes the cabins that don’t have balconies (the majority in these ships as they’re really small) do have a feeble flow of coldish air coming through. But ours stopped working and we managed fine without it!! I do remember the one and only time I went to the States (really enjoyed that trip, btw) I was stunned by how cold it could get in trains and shops, but my word it was hot outside so I really liked the air con then, although as you would probably guess I didn’t have the right clothes for it!

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