We all had such a blast on Saturday night at our local film society’s monthly film screening.  I know we did because (I love it when this happens) at the end of the film the audience clapped.  But who wouldn’t give a big hurrah at the end of Whiplash.  Have you seen this film – what a finish!  What a film!

Mind you, we showed this film to a smaller number than usual as some just couldn’t come, but others, I think, thought, ‘maybe I’ll give this one a miss’.  Could be wrong, but the trailer (gosh, I do hate trailers, they’re either full of spoilers, or over-emphasise one minescule part and don’t give the film its due credit).  Anyway, the trailer could make you think i) oh, it’s about drumming? And ii) is it a bit shouty?   And it’s a yes and yes to that!  The big debate is, surely, was Fletcher a bully, or did he want the best out of his students?  Even giving him the benefit of doubt, because, yes, he did want the best performances ever from his students, he was also a seriously cracked over-the-top bully.

So where does this leave the film?  Why watch something about a bullying teacher?  Why, because it is a phenomenal experience viewing this film – it’s absorbing, well written, well filmed and so (in)tense your heart is pounding practically all the way through.  This is what you’d call immersive viewing, and it has a thrilling ending.  And this is what our little film society is all about – I bet a lot of the audience would never have chosen to see this film, but they saw it and I’m right proud of that I can tell you!  And it was given an 84% rating making it the 4th most popular film out of 7 films so far this season.

Oh yes, and I wore the skirt I bought locally in a charity shop for £2.95 (!) and wore up to London in early March.



You can see more clearly here the amazing full length zip that goes from the top of the skirt to the bottom, which I totally adore.


And yes, it’s tight fitting, and you might think, ‘that’s not a style I’d go for’, or maybe you think, ‘no, not with my figure’.  But I’d say a structured skirt, a skirt that above all fits and has some clever darts, and always a skirt that is less rather than more, that’s a skirt that anyone, any size can wear.  Anyway, I’m going more and more towards wearing pencil skirts for town and city wear.  And pencil skirts are very Claire Underwood skirts.  Yes, Claire is my role model now.   For clothes, I hasten to add, not her life trajectory, which is totally evil.  She is so the wicked witch in the series House of Cards, but her clothes are to die for.

That’s all for now, but have you seen Whiplash?  What did you think of it?

With love

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper

P.S. And to you lovely people who came over from Tricia Cusden’s blog – a very big welcome to you all.  Hope you continue to enjoy my (usually) weekly blog post.  Btw, if you haven’t seen it do read Tricia’s post as it’s about her favourite blogs, which includes this one!

P.P.S And sharing today with Catherine Summers weekly #iwillwearwhatilike blog post.


2 thoughts on “Film night outfit – April 2016

  • 18th April 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Hi Penny

    How weird is that? I am holiday in Halkidiki at the moment and having surfed the film channels on TV for something to watch last night, caught the second half of Whiplash, although wasn’t aware that was what it was called. It was a little strange since we hadn’t seen the first half, but an entertaining film all the same. I only subscribed to your blog yesterday (via Tricia Cusden’s blog) so quite a coincidence

    Love the skirt though, just the thing I would wear. Looking forward to seeing more of your outfits

    I never have much luck in charity shops and prefer good old EBay for my bargains

    Keep up the good work


    • 25th April 2016 at 7:46 am

      Hi Barbara and yes, what a co-incidence with Whiplash, which is a thrilling watch but probably not everyone’s cup of tea. And actually you’ve inspired me to write about charity shop shopping and give tips on what to do – thanks so much!

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