It’s nearly the end of February and I haven’t told you what I wore at our regular film night, which I will.  But this blog is not always about fashion.  In this post I want to talk a bit about volunteering – do you volunteer?

You see we’ve run our local film society with the help of a great band of volunteers for 5 seasons now.  By October it’ll be our 6th year of doing this.  That’s without fail we’re there on a Saturday night (starting at 4.0pm for us) for 10 months of the year.  People, we’ve had enough.  We’ve run out of steam.  More importantly, we want to put our energies into other stuff – while we can.  Note my age!  But I still have plans, goals, ambitions even, and so does Mr Frugalfashionshopper.  I want to move on.

So, we need someone else to run this lovely and, may I tell you, very successful film club, which isn’t by the way, a membership thing, which I always think a tad excluding.  No, it’s open to everyone in the community and beyond.  Actually, there are audience members that travel a long way to get to film night, which is amazing.

And I’m telling you this because you may live on the other side of the world, or at the other end of the UK.  And you may not want to run a film society. But do you know anyone in the Brighton, Lewes, Seaford, Eastbourne area who’d like to take on this great little film society?  This person could put their stamp on it.  They could take it to new directions, new heights, new types of films – what an opportunity!  And seriously there should be new input; it’s healthy.  It shouldn’t be the same old, same old, including the same old people (ha!) who run it!  And by the way, we don’t want anyone offering to ‘help’.  Because we have loads of help.  Lovely people help all the time.  No, it’s all about someone who’d take responsibility and run the thing – and there is a difference!

Btw, we have told our audience and the 250 people on our mailing list, plus we have advertised everywhere including national volunteer websites.  But anyone local to this blog – are there are any networks we could get into to advertise our film society?

The thing is, I think we’re at the end of the great swathe of people in the UK who retired at 55.  And the working environment of today is a harsh one – working people may well think twice about taking on such a commitment.  And with the retirement age here in the UK nearing 70, you also might not want to take on a new venture. Which is why I’m asking all of you reading this blog – you might just know someone who would do this.

Another thing.  If you’re running a film society it’s not about putting on your favourite films.  No way.  We never show our favourite films.  For instance, we’ve just watched The Equaliser on Netflix – what fun!  Would we ever show it?  Never!  And science fiction – I love all science fiction films but it’s taken 5 years to show our first in that genre.  More about that in a minute.

No, there’s a science to programming a film society season.  It’s all about knowing your audience and knowing the current film releases.  People often say, ‘Would you/could you show a classic?’ As an example, Citizen Kane comes up again and again, and tbh, I’m bored the minute someone says that.  So we say no, and that’s because it’s easy to show the old favourites, it’s far more difficult to source the films that are current but have slipped under the radar.  For instance, in March we’re showing the documentary, The Salt of the Earth and in April, it’s The Good Lie.  Have you seen either of those two?

But don’t think we’re one of those film societies that show nothing but difficult-to-watch serious films. We’ve just shown The Martian starring Matt Damon, which was a bit of a blockbuster last year.  And everyone loved it. The audience clapped at the end – I get such a kick when that happens.  It got a 92% approval rating and is our second most popular film of the season.

I wore this charity shop skirt bought last year for not a lot.

As you can see this is not a current pic (hair’s shorter for a start). I do apologise for showing you old photographs but people I’m trying to sell our house and have been so busy with that.  New pics will be taken for the next post!

Also I’m wearing the skirt back to front!  The skirt is meant to be worn with the zip at the front!

That’s all for now – but don’t forget, do you know anyone who wants to run a film society who lives anywhere in the Brighton/Eastbourne corridor?  We’d be so grateful if you could think about this.

Much love

Penny, the Frugalfashionshopper

P.S Sharing as usual with Catherine and her #iwillwearwhatilike session

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11 thoughts on “Film night – February 2017

    • 28th February 2017 at 9:14 am

      Thank you so much for your good wishes, Patti. Great to meet you and thank you for setting up Visible Monday – I shall join in more often. I don’t know why it’s taken so long for me to do so, but looking forward to meeting other bloggers through you! xxx

  • 27th February 2017 at 6:10 pm

    The skirt looks great on you. I know what you mean about time to move on with the volunteering. I have lead a fibre art group for a similar amount of time and thought it was time for new blood with fresh ideas. Thanks as always for the film suggestions and observations.

    • 28th February 2017 at 9:19 am

      Hi Christine and thanks for the comment on the skirt! It was a good buy. Yes, the running and leading of groups and societies thing. Honestly we’ve loved running our film society – but it really is time for someone else to come along and take over. It is all about new ideas and new energies, which can only be a good thing. Otherwise, when will it be the time to stop? When we’re 75, 80? We have other things we want to do – here’s hoping someone does come forward. Thanks again for the comment – and your understanding of our situation.

  • 3rd March 2017 at 9:42 am

    I hope you find someone to take over the film society. I volunteer one day a week at the Salvation Army’s lunch club for the elderly and lonely (one or two aren’t that much older than me!!) Love that skirt 🙂

    • 3rd March 2017 at 1:52 pm

      Yes, the thing about our film society is that people offer to ‘help’ but the actual management of something like this is well, a management job. And note those last two word. You have to manage all sorts of bit and bobs so much so that it’s a like an actual job! And really we could do without it now. Funnily enough I wouldn’t mind volunteering somewhere when I move – I just don’t want anymore responsibility!! And thanks for the comment on the skirt, it really was a good buy! x

  • 5th March 2017 at 9:43 am

    I love that skirt!
    I do have a friend in your area and I’ll float the idea.
    It’s a perennial problem for a lot of great organisations…the bowls club where I do yoga was recently in crisis because they couldn’t get volunteers for some of the key roles. Good luck with finding someone to take over!

    • 6th March 2017 at 7:51 am

      Hi, Gail, yes do pass the word on to your friend in our area! This is the link to the website

      We’re a really go-getting film society that puts on a film once a month – but a new person could take it in all kinds of new directions which is entirely healthy. Our quest will continue through Spring and Summer but in October at the AGM we will step down and if no one comes forward…..

      We’re hoping that a bit of a crisis will make things happen. Here’s hoping! Thanks Gail x

  • 5th March 2017 at 11:23 am

    Oh Penny, how your question about when to stop volunteering made me smile. I shall reach all the sevens in a few weeks’ time and I started volunteering in the 80s. The times I’ve sworn to give up! But somehow, it won’t let me go. And no, I’m not a sad soul with nowt else to do! And unlike you I’m not moving home so staying on isn’t a problem. And Gail is so right, finding volunteers is hard these days. It’s a good job that some of us oldies still step up to the plate! (Sorry, ladies who wrote in before me, I didn’t mean to imply you’re my age!)

    And along with everyone else, I LOVE the skirt!

    • 6th March 2017 at 8:02 am

      Hi Zepherine (when I write this I always think what a beautiful name!). You know we are actually the kind of people who will volunteer for stuff and I fully expect to become involved in things around Brighton. But what we want to put a stop to is the running of anything. We have to manage so much to keep the film society on the road (and I hope that doesn’t put anyone off if they’ve been scrolling through thinking, well, maybe I could do this. Actually there’s a lot more to it than putting out the chairs!) But it really has become an energy-sapping exercise for us. Which is so not good for us – and the society. But I don’t think people realise any of that. Our kids came for the last film and thought it a very professional and totally smooth operation and they would have said if it wasn’t!!! But actually behind the scenes there was a technical problem and when you’ve got 80+ members of the public in the audience and you’re on the verge of cancelling – our heart rate, jeez. All was solved by about 30 minutes before the start of the film but my other half was white-knuckled and rigid with stress. No-one knew anything about this but that’s what we want to get away from!!!!!!

      • 6th March 2017 at 8:56 am

        Oh Penny, I bet those 30 minutes were some of the longest ever! I take my hat off to you both for all that behind-the-scenes beavering. You deserve a break but yes, I can well imagine that you’ll find a ‘vacancy’ in Brighton with your names on it. As my Mum used to say, “Nature abhors a vacuum”‘ but give yourselves a breather first, eh?
        Best wishes
        She whose name you like (thank you)!

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