How good are you at throwing out clothes you never wear?  Do you keep a favourite dress, and can’t bear to part with it, even though it doesn’t fit?  Are there jackets and trousers, that you might just use for that special occasion, cluttering up your cupboards?

Contrary to some of readers’ expectations my wardrobe isn’t stuffed with skirts, tops and frocks! This is because I can go into a charity shop and get not one thing.  I know exactly what I want and if it’s not there I don’t buy.

Also I’m ruthless in getting rid of clothes.  If an outfit hasn’t been worn for 2 years, or doesn’t look quite right, out it goes.  I mean I used to keep clothes for years, because I bought good, classic skirts and jackets for work, and these were expensive – throw them out, what a waste!   But now, with about 95% of my clothes coming from charity shops, a £3.00 skirt can be taken back to said charity shop for someone else to wear and love.

Yet, sometimes, it is hard to get rid of things, including our clothes.  According to a study 85% of women have clothes in their wardrobe that either don’t fit or aren’t worn.

The way I see it is, I think clothes can be seen as a kind of a library – just like books they say a lot about you and the life you lead.  They are our reference and our identity: these are your favourites that are worn again and again; these are the clothes we bought for that special day and can’t quite fit into now; others we could, even should be wearing – one day.  And these other outfits, these have meaning and worth and cannot be thrown out because of the memories that cling to the very weft and weave of their fabric.

But too many clothes can become a burden.  They fill our wardrobes and become heavy both in the literal sense, and psychically.  If we can, it’s good to get rid of clothes we don’t wear.  It can feel great, it can be cathartic, it can free you up, and even more important, makes room for that new dress, that new outfit, and in my case, that bargain buy!

purple-cruise-dressAnd because I haven’t been buying any charity shop bargains lately, I thought I’d show you one of my cruise frocks.  It’s a Monsoon plum-coloured devoré silk dress, bought for the cruise in perfect condition at £9.99.  And see below, that’s a £3.00 Top Shop plastic bangle on my wrist.  Gosh, apropos my last post, I look a bit bleach blonde in the photo but it was taken after the summer when my hair always goes that colour.

2012-09-18  20

And by the way, if you think Mr Frugal Fashion Shopper is looking a bit glum that is because, dear reader, a cap in his front teeth fell out on our first day of the cruise and was irreparable – all smiles and speech were a bit strangled after that! But he did enjoy himself! And yes, the frock, has been sitting in my wardrobe since mid-2012 waiting for its next (cruise) outing – but it is going to be worn, I promise you, very soon!

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That’s all for now

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

PS. That was a good debate we had about going grey – that blog post was my most read ever!  I shall return to that subject at a later date.  But thank you so much for the comments you made

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