Perhaps the weather is just a tad chillier here in the UK – being a Celt I don’t mind. I love the autumn and relish dressing up in wool and tweed in the winter. And I found my fabulous coat, well, *coughs, covers mouth and feels slightly embarrassed* perhaps I should say coats!

First of all, I found a long mackintosh; a bit beige, but beautifully cut. Did I say that the big, long coat is the on-trend winter buy? That’s good for keeping warm, although I don’t know about you, but I have to be really careful, because, despite my height, these almost floor-length, coats can look a bit like a dressing-gown on me. And this one is very long – won’t wear it going down the escalators on the London underground, that’s for sure. It’s an Aquaberry mac, which, I think, no longer trades, so you could call it a vintage coat or, as I see it, pre-loved. And not bad at £8.99.

Then, what about this fabulous Vintage snow-leopard faux fur coat found on a stall last Sunday at the Brighton Vintage Fair?






I’m so pleased I bought it as I’ve been searching for a leopard skin coat for a long time, but, oh my, the price! It was an eye-watering £65 but that’s vintage for you – still cheaper than the High Street, though. I went up to an old fort on a hill in my town for a shoot (actually just me and my husband, Mr Frugal Fashion Shopper) and I sure am no model because in the majority of photos I was pulling a face!!



But the view here is great– I love my town.

Then, finally, I bought quite an unusual, navy, knee-length wool coat. No lining, beautifully cut, in perfect condition, I’ll wear it over jeans. I spotted it in a great little charity shop in Seaford, had a look and saw the labels. On one side of the coat was a big Harrods label, and t’other side, a label saying Weill, Paris. This, my dears, is a ready-to-wear couture label – what a find! What a bargain! It was just £5.00.

That’s it for now, but do drop me a line on what coats you’ll be wearing in the coming months.

With love

Penny, The Frugal Fashion Shopper




4 thoughts on “Coats, coats, coats. Yes, I found that fabulous coat and some!

  • 2nd October 2014 at 5:29 pm

    I found an unlined burnt orange Eileen Fischer coat with gorgeous styling and detailing for $62 at a consignment shop in an upscale shop newer my town. That price (for this area) is extremely good. Also got a beautiful tomato red down coat (probably for November, rather than our horrific January weather) with the tags still on it for $70. I owe it all to you, Penny, (and to my mother-in-law) for encouraging thrift shop shopping. I need to get my husband to take photos of me in these finds.

    Your leopard coat looks super-toasty! It was clearly a good buy.

  • 3rd October 2014 at 7:30 am

    Oh yes, have a photo taken! The tomato red down coat sounds wonderful. Yes, the weather – how is it near you? Apparently, the weather might turn cooler here and pour with rain over the weekend, but yesterday on the 2nd October it was hot, hot, hot – doesn’t feel right, somehow.

  • 8th October 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Because I had found a $9.00 London Fog wool coat last winter, and got to wear it only once as our winter was the warmest on record, I hesitated to buy yet another coat this year, but there it was, a spotless black leather with nice lines and turn-back sleeves (coat sleeves are often too long for my arms). It is a little shorter than I would normally buy, but great to wear with pants. So given your last blog, and your purchase of more than one coat, I went for it. My only regret is that it is not the buttery leather, slightly stiffer, but I think it is going to be lovely on damp days with a bright scarf.
    Vancouver Island.

    • 9th October 2014 at 7:04 am

      That coat sounds great, Margaret, and I think it’s so nice to have more than one coat ready for either the weather or for co-ordinating a look. As you say that recent buy will be great with pants/trousers.

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