Every now and then I go out shopping for something that’s not second-hand. I’ve had quite an expensive month, what with going to a physio (my back is improving but it’s all about the morning exercises because I missed a couple of days and felt the consequences) and then my skin check at the Mole Clinic (nothing serious found this year – good).  But I worked out I could just about afford a new pair of Spring shoes, as I really have to stop wearing those black chunky boots now the sun is coming out here in the UK!

OK, I went to one of my favourite shoe shops, which stocks lots of foreign and unusual brands. But not one pair suited me, mostly because of my very thin feet. (Btw, the shoe shop in question wasn’t Schuh in Brighton – bet I could have found something there!)

So off I trotted down the High Street and somehow found myself in a couple of charity shops where I not only bought two pairs of shoes, that fitted beautifully, for the princely sum of £5 each, I also found a skirt and top for film night (which you’ll see shortly) plus a Spring jacket and skirt all for the slightly more expensive sum of £10 each.

And those six items, which included two pairs of shoes, came to less than I would’ve paid for the new shoes I was looking for. That really has sealed my determination never (or hardly ever) to buy new. It just makes such financial sense to buy in charity shops.

And while I’m talking about financial sense the latest edition of Vogue is full of extraordinarily expensive clothes – but why am I surprised? It is what it is. Anyway, I read it to see the trends and then adapt the look to my style and pocket.

How about this? Would you like a Tory Burch linen coat with a beautiful embellished leaf design on the front for £1,360? No? Well, here’s my take on it. A plain linen coat in exactly the same colour and style found recently for £4.99.


Apologies for looking a bit pale, that’s because I stepped away from the spotlight, says Mr Frugalfashionshopper.


Note that I’m wearing one of the new (£5) charity shop shoes and not my go-to black chunky boots that really are falling to pieces, yay!

That’s all for now but do tell me about any of your stylish finds.

With love

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper




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7 thoughts on “Charity shop shopping – it just makes sense

  • 13th May 2015 at 10:31 pm

    I notice when you purchase clothes, you often mention the fabric…cotton or linen, wool, etc. And that’s what frugal thrift shopping allows…a variety of materials. I sometimes buy two or three new t-shirts only to find upon first laundry that they become soft, shapeless and faded. Even a shop like your M&S (we do have a few in Canada) has reduced quality over the last few years…the tags may be the same, but in fact, quality has sadly suffered. So there you are in your linen coat, and I think I would prefer it without the leafy decor you described…and the shoes look very smart. Thanks for the post and photos.

    • 16th May 2015 at 9:14 am

      And thank you for your comment. Yes, we all love cotton and it feels so good but actually it is very costly for our planet. Unless it’s organic it needs shed loads of water, fertilisers and pesticides, so I’m trying to love synthetic materials more. If these are made well they can be carbon neutral which is what we should aim for – difficult though.

  • 14th May 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Jolly well done! I love your columns and you look ravishing in the photos. The coat looks fab.

    We’re off to a wedding this weeekend and I’ve found an LK Bennett floral shift dress for £8, and an M&S linen jacket for a fiver. OK, I bought some new shoes, which I needed, but I felt I could justify spending £25 (also M&S) after saving on the other items.

    • 16th May 2015 at 9:15 am

      Hi there and great to hear from you. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend and so glad you got some great bargains to wear!

  • 18th May 2015 at 10:48 pm

    I think of you every time I go into a charity shop now, but I still lack the confidence to try something outside my comfort zone! Your coat was an absolute bargain, love the shoes. I think synthetic materials are so much better than they used to be but I do so like cotton.

    • 19th May 2015 at 7:37 am

      Thank you for your comment. Well, I think the thing is you can experiment with style with charity shop finds, not so easy to do that if it’s the full High Street price – great though that you’re thinking about it – that’s how I started!

  • 19th May 2015 at 12:39 pm

    That’s a beautiful jacket and I love your shoes as well!

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